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30-Day Chair Challenge: A Full Body Workout

We’re on a roll! The 41/41 Bootcamp Challenge was awesome! Thank you to everyone who helped me ring in my 41st year on this planet with style. But there is no time to waste, we have a new month ahead and it’s…

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30-Day Simple Squat Challenge: Starts April 1st

Can you believe it? After nearly 50 Challenges that Eat. Drink & be Skinny has hosted over the past 4 years, we’ve never done a simple 30-Day Squat Challenge. Ha! Better late than never and this one is going to transform…

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Getting Started on the 30-Day Step & Stretch Challenge

Welcome to the first day of our 30-day step and stretch challenge! I’m so excited to get started, and to step and stretch our way to reaching new fitness goals. This 30-day challenge is pretty simple, but will have a huge…

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Free 30-Day Challenge: Step and Stretch

All right Challengers — it’s time for a brand new month and a brand new challenge! Sometimes when we laser focus in on exercising and weight loss, we forget about fitness fundamentals. That’s why this month we’re getting back to…

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Reenergize your Fitness Motivation with a Win

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking for a new way to measure success, or a couch surfing socialite looking for a new sport, understanding how to reenergize your fitness motivation is a key component of your path to success. Motivation…

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Free 30-Day Running Challenge: Perfect for runners of all levels!

All right Challengers — it’s time for a brand new month and a brand new challenge! As you may or may not have noticed from my Instagram, I have not been running much these days. And in fact, I’ve been…

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January 2017 Free 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Just a few more days and we have a fresh, clean year ahead of us! As a Health Coach, of course I get very excited about the new year because this is when most of us dial into what we…

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December 30-Day Challenge: 2016 Round-up!

Happy Thanksgiving! What a better way to top the day off than with a preview into our December Challenge — it’s a KILLER and you will LOVE IT! Share it with all of your family and friends today! Here we…