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5 New EDM Songs for The Best Workout Play List

5 New EDM Songs for The Best Workout Play List “I can’t run without music,” seems to be a pretty common phrase uttered by most runners. Second to that would be “I need a new playlist for my next run.”…

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8 Week Sprint Triathlon Plan: Run Portion

With the swim and bike prep behind us, the only event left to train for is the 5K portion of your sprint triathlon. Since running is the simplest of sports – the only equipment required is a pair of running…

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Your Quick Guide to Post-Injury Training

Welcome back Emily from the Post Grad files! Last month she shared with us her Top Tips to Staying Fit While Injured, which was even featured on PopSugar Fitness. Awesome!  Today she’s got her quick guide to post-injury training. It’s…

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New Fitbit Device Review: Which is the right one for you?

Welcome back Fitness DJ Justin Kanoya, a leader in industry! Last month he shared with us his top tips for creating a playlist for a yoga session and this month he’s got an incredibly comprehensive Fitbit Device Review for you! And he’s not just…

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5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn’t Totally Suck

Welcome back Kate from SoCal Runner Gal! Last month she shared with us 10 Tips for Falling in Love with Running & Making it a Habit. Today is quite the opposite, but does happen to a lot of use. Recent research…

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Inspiring Interview with Laura Lohr (Mommy Can Run)

I first met Laura, the blogger behind Mommy Can Run, at a Fitness Convention in early 2014. We hit it off because of her sparky energy and kind demeanor. I saw her for the second time the day of the…

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5 Tips to Stay Fit While Injured

Allow me to introduce you to Emily Torres, a former state-ranked runner turned endurance athlete. She is also a sassy social media expert and the blogger behind the Post Grad Files. She’s the youngest voice on Eat. Drink & be Skinny,…

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Product Review: Natural Pain Relief & Traditional Herbal Remedies

Life can be painful, physically. Whether you did it to yourself on purpose (like you’re pushing your athletic limits and building a stronger body), or by accident (like you slipped and fell — oops). I’m sure all of us have found…

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