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Product Review: Natural Pain Relief & Traditional Herbal Remedies

Life can be painful, physically. Whether you did it to yourself on purpose (like you’re pushing your athletic limits and building a stronger body), or by accident (like you slipped and fell — oops). I’m sure all of us have found…

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10 Tips for Falling in Love with Running & Making it a Habit

I’m so excited to have Kate from So Cal Runner Gal on as a contributor. Hands down, she is one of my most favorite run/healthy lifestyle bloggers of all time. I’ve known her for three years now, we actually met…

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8 Week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan: Swim Portion

Welcome to another contributor post and my first Saturday post in…ever? You probably know I’m a single sport girl. Give me a pair of shoes and I can run. I tried the triathlon once and learned quickly it was not…

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Skinny Traveler goest to Gorilla Bootcamp!

This blog post was sponsored by Corning Incorporated. You may have noticed some interesting adventure images of me in Arizona a few weeks back on my Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook accounts with some curious hashtags like #GorillaGlass4, #GorillaBootcamp and #GorillaTough.…

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What I learned about running by not running

I’ve been an avid marathon runner for over 15 years. I’m a runner at heart. I run not just to stay fit and healthy, but because it’s my therapy, my sanity, my social life and in short, it’s just part…

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Learn How to Run FASTER with Gals Who Run

Have you been wondering how to run faster? It’s funny, whether your an new or advanced runner, we can so easily get caught in a rut and plateau with our running. That is exactly why we, over at Gals Who…

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Best Yoga Poses for Runners

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m on a mini-vacay in Cabo this week. Yahoo! One of the coolest things about getting away (other than getting away) is opening up the blog-o-sphere to other talented fitness, wellness and…

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Gals Who Run Fall Running Challenge: Find your FAST!

If you want to learn to run faster… If you’re wondering what’s next for me after my Ventura Marathon experience, well, here you have it! Regardless of the next marathon I commit to, I’ll be focusing on basics, fundamentals and…

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