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Comprehensive Guide: How To Buy a Yoga Mat

Welcome back Sara from Sara Lou Yoga! A do it all yogi with the most amazing pictures! Last month she shared with us tips to know when we’ve stretched too far. Today, she’s got practical advice to help you How…

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5 Fundamental Yoga Moves

Welcome back Lauren from Living Well with Lauren. She’s a do everything and anything and be anywhere to inspire everybody kind of gal. Last month she shared with us 5 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Class. Today, she’s going…

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Creating a playlist for a yoga session

I am so stoked to have DJ Justin Kanoya as a contributor on Eat. Drink & be Skinny! The entire reason I was inspired to bring on more writers was to bring on a variety of perspectives. Justin is a…

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How to Know When You’ve Stretched too Far (from a yoga teacher who’s seen it all)

I’m excited to introduce you today to Sara Lou from Not only is she a talented yoga instructor, she is an expert in the “de-stress” space. The first thing you’ll do when you work with her is take her…

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5 Things to Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Let me introduce you to a new contributor, Lauren Padula. If you’re in San Diego and you’re the least bit active, you already know who she is. If you’re not familiar with her dynamic energy, oh-so-impressive athletic accomplishments, contagious energy…

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