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You’ve Got 2 Options, Choose Wisely: Fear vs Love Based Emotions

Let me introduce you to Natalie Susi. Natalie and I were introduced nearly three years ago from a mutual entrepreneur friend. At the time, we were both doing quite a bit of work in the skinny, healthy, organic, clean cocktail…

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Dating Diaries: Managing Heartbreak

Remember my anonymous friend 30, Single and Off Lexapro”? The brilliant writer with an awesome story who is classically managing a devastating breakup? She’s also too busy to launch and manage her own blog. While I typically share anything and…

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Dating Diaries #2: Life Lessons from A Priest, A Therapist, and A Numerologist

Here you have it – a GREAT way to roll into the weekend! Another edition of the Dating Diaries from my witty, clever, and beautiful anonymous friend “30, Single and off Lexapro”…may you find laughter, inspiration and perhaps a little…

Dating Diaries

Introduction to the Dating Diaries

I’m so excited to announce a new feature on Eat. Drink & be Skinny! I work hard to find fun, relevant and actionable information to help you have better health and more happiness. But sometimes a good story is good…