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Runner Fuel: Healthy Tuna Salad with White Beans

I am a bean advocate. It’s my primary bit of “beef” with the Paleo diet. Restricting an all natural, hormone free, plant based protein, which is also an excellent source of fiber and other key nutrients just seems silly to…

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Clean and Coloruful: Cranberry Crumb Coffee Cake Recipe

I went to brunch last weekend with some friends and the hostess was like “it’s a 30 minute wait….” and I was immediately deflated and bummed. I thought:  a 30 minute wait at 10 a on Sunday morning? I’m already starving…ug!…

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Guest Post: Metabolism Boosting Smoked Chili Recipe

I’ve said many times before, one of the coolest things about my industry is the awesome folks I meet along the way. Liz was actually a winner of a giveaway on my blog and when I collected her shipping address…

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Healthy Holiday Recipes: Apple Basted Roasted Turkey, Gluten Free Stuffing and Vegan Gravy

I hosted Thanksgiving this year, for the first time in like a decade and it was awesome! I could wait until next year to share these recipes, however, it’s still the  holidays and this apple basted roasted turkey, classic quinoa,…

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A Vegan Holiday Recipe: Not your traditional turkey, potatoes and gravy!

While I’m not a vegan, or even a full vegetarian, I am a responsible, healthy eater and that involves limiting the animal products I consume on a regular basis. This is part of why I love these little Gardein Meatless…

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How make a healthy salad: finding the right balance

I know this might sound ridiculous…”A healthy salad.” Isn’t that repetitive? How could a salad, notorious for fresh veggies not be healthy? We’ll, pretty easily actually. Especially if you’re not paying attention to your nutrition to treat ratio. You can…

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Skinny Whipped Dessert: The Strawberry Coconut Sweet Tart

Sometimes I really impress myself. I picked up these Yoplait Greek 100 Whips! the other day when I found them at my local bargain market. I thought they were so interesting because the texture really is like a whipped topping, but…

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Craving Kicking Healthy Pizza Recipe

I don’t know about you…but every once in a while I find myself at the mercy of the pizza delivery guy or the oven pizza that I picked up at the grocery store on the way home. And most of…

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