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How make a healthy salad: finding the right balance

I know this might sound ridiculous…”A healthy salad.” Isn’t that repetitive? How could a salad, notorious for fresh veggies not be healthy? We’ll, pretty easily actually. Especially if you’re not paying attention to your nutrition to treat ratio. You can…


Healthy Summer Recipe – Pineapple Couscous Salad with Seared Ahi

If summer grilling is on your list of things to do and you’re tired of burgers and hot dogs, this one is for you!  Print it out, save it to your bookmarks, whatever it takes. This recipe is easy, colorful, healthy…

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Let Me Introduce You To The Smart Muffin

What is a “smart muffin” you wonder? Well, you know a smart car right? One that is super efficient but still totally gets the job done? Today’s muffin recipe is the nutritional equivalent of that. It’s super simple to put together,…


Whey Protein Isolate Turned Pina Colada?

This is the week of protein for sure! I opened up Monday with a nutrition myth buster “Do you know how much protein you need?” And today I’ve got an awesome protein product and recipe for you! We know that…

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How much protein do you need? And where can you get it?

Recently, I taught a class at Total Women Fitness + Spa for National Nutrition Month. I addressed five of the most common nutrition myths around protein, carbs, weight loss, gluten free and fat. When this opportunity came up to work…

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Healthy Dessert Hack: Gluten Free LUNA Bar Ice Cream Sandwiches

Oh I love the chance to be creative with a familiar favorite! Did you know you can now get Gluten free LUNA bars? To help spread the word, they’ve reached out to healthy food bloggers like myself. Yay! I got…

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Calorie Saving Soup Recipes

I’ve aways been a fan of creamy soup recipes. What I am not a fan of is when they are overloaded with calories from cream and butter. Not because I really hate cream and butter, in fact, I’m quite a…

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The Philippine Healthy Island Cocktail: The Skinny Mango Shake!

If you’ve been to the Philippines, you’ve had a Mango Shake. It’s an awesome little local treat that you are greeted with at hotels and can pick up just about anywhere for as little as 70 PHP (about $1.6 USD)…

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