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Easy Crockpot Recipe: Vegan Chili With Sweet Potatoes

I believe food is fuel, and that is its primary purpose. I also happen to really like food, so I want my fuel to taste good and do great things for my body. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only…

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Take Your Salad To Go With FlatOut’s ProteinUP Wraps!

As a vegetable advocate, you can bet I eat a lot of salads. And sometimes, I find myself without a fork. A salad without a fork is a problem, unless of course, you’ve packed your salad as a wrap. But…

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Skinny Vegetarian Stuffed Potato Recipe

Russet potatoes get a bit of a bad wrap I think — perhaps because they are high on the glycemic index, perhaps because they are the staple of the proverbial french fry…who knows. But potatoes come directly from the earth…

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Calorie Saving Soup Recipes

I’ve aways been a fan of creamy soup recipes. What I am not a fan of is when they are overloaded with calories from cream and butter. Not because I really hate cream and butter, in fact, I’m quite a…

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Skinny Butternut Squash Soup

This is one of my favorite healthy eating tips and I’ve paired it with one of my most favorite skinny recipes ever! So just as the weather starts to cool down, Fall is way too comfortable and even Winter is…

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Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe: Simple Veggie Quinoa

Well, dare I say it? Halloween has passed and now Thanksgiving is on the horizon. It’s pretty much officially “the holidays,” which is a little weird because it’s like 85 degrees in San Diego, but I digress… I imagine many…

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Fresh Vegetable Delivery Service

I have been wanting to find a local fruit and vegetable delivery servie for ages! I could never quite find the time to get the ball rolling. When this opportunity* came up to work with Farm Fresh To You, I jumped…


Healthy Recipe Round Up – Light Lunch Recipes

Lunch is important! We all know that. But what if you’re a busy professional who does not have access to their kitchen during the day? Are you left at the mercy of the local deli, company cafeteria or even worse,…

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