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DIY Honey Mustard Salad Dressing: Unprocess Your Salad

I am 100% committed to making sure that you have all the information, tools, tips, strategies and motivation to live a truly Clean & Colorful Life and this DIY Salad Dressing tip is right up that alley. Each week, I’ll…

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Video Blog: Preventing “snaccidents” with Smart Snacks

Snacking is a pretty big deal. In fact, I’ve delivered seven corporate wellness trainings on the topic this week to one of San Diego’s largest and “healthiest” employers. At the same time, I was asked to take a look at…

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Clean and Coloruful: Cranberry Crumb Coffee Cake Recipe

I went to brunch last weekend with some friends and the hostess was like “it’s a 30 minute wait….” and I was immediately deflated and bummed. I thought:  a 30 minute wait at 10 a on Sunday morning? I’m already starving…ug!…

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World’s Easiest Protein Cookie Trick

What do you do when you want a little snack, like maybe a cookie,  but you’re not in the mood for a ton of sugar or have time to whip up a fresh batch? I’ll tell you what, you can…

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Meatless Monday Night Football Challenge!

Hot damn, this girl is excited! Football season has been teasing us with pre-season games for a few weeks and now the real deal is just about here! With football season, comes Monday Night Football! And with Monday Night Football,…

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Easy Protein Brownie Recipe: Pst…they are also gluten free

Who doesn’t love a good brownie once in a while? Well, most of us trying to maintain or carve down to a healthy weight, right? Or maybe someone with a gluten allergy or sensitivity? Your traditional brownie doesn’t contain much…

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Runner Fuel: Easy Protein Energy Balls

As a runner, or any endurance athlete for that matter, it’s hard to nail down your fueling strategy. Performance nutrition is a tricky science and clever marketing can convolute issues even farther. Healthy pre and post run snacks are an essential…

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A Skinny & Healthier “Frappuccino” you can make at home!

Calling all afternoon sweet tooth craving, caffeine seeking, coffee lovers! I’ve got something for you here that you’re going to love. How do I know? Because I love it and I’d never give you a recipe that wasn’t awesome, easy,…

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