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Veggies — They’re not just good to eat!

As it turns out, veggies can also be adorable entertainment and a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them. Thank you to the very cool folks over at Wee the Veggies, who created this cheeky, goofy, silly greeting card…

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Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live NOW + #Giveaway Bonanza!!!

Nearly four years ago when I started this little blog of mine if you had told me I would get to do some of the things I do today, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I started this to help…

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6 Reasons why I love my Tespo Vitamin Dispenser + an Awesome Giveaway!!

Ok, I’ll admit, I might start sounding like one of those ladies on the home shopping network our your Sunday morning infomercial. BUT – if you know me, you know I don’t do this very often…so hear me out here…

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Tespo Vitamins: A smarter way to take your daily supplements!

You don’t hear me talk about vitamin supplements all that often, mainly because I believe so strongly in the power of food, eating all five colors every day and getting your micronutrients straight from the source. There are a few…

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Skinny Traveler goest to Gorilla Bootcamp!

This blog post was sponsored by Corning Incorporated. You may have noticed some interesting adventure images of me in Arizona a few weeks back on my Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook accounts with some curious hashtags like #GorillaGlass4, #GorillaBootcamp and #GorillaTough.…

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Skin Detox Kit and #Giveaway!

I use the term “detox” quite a bit in terms of cleaning up your diet. It’s kind of a controversial word, but I like it. I like the temporary suspension of toxic chemicals into your body and giving it some…

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How to pick the right protein powder

As a true food advocate, there are few supplements I strongly recommend. But you may have noticed I do use a lot of protein powder in smoothies, energy balls, and even baked goods. In the sports nutrition industry, protein powders…

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Why Is Cold Brew Coffee So Hot?

If you had to give up either coffee, wine or exercise, which would you choose? This question always gets an interesting response from people all over and you might be surprised to know that I would actually give up wine…

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