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Weight Loss

How To Lose Belly Fat: The Ultimate Guide – Backed By Science

How to get rid of belly fat is a question that we get a lot here at Bodyhappiness.com.  It’s a complex topic with no simple answer, as everyBODY is different. The most effective way to combat belly fat most likely…

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Weight Maintenance: 4 Common Reasons Why People Gain Back Weight After a Diet, and 4 Strategies to Overcome Them.

Diets are hard, but keeping the weight off in the long term can be even more challenging. We have identified 4 ways to help you find long-term success! OVERVIEW The Basics of Weight Maintenance  Reason 1: You’re Fed with Dietary…

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30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Combine a healthy diet with daily exercise with our FREE 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge, to see a change in your health, fitness and likely, weight! We’re not saying it’s going to be easy, but if it was easy it…

Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight Fast – The Ultimate Guide

In this guide we’ll show you how to lose weight as fast as possible. We’ll cover how to do it safely, without compromising your health, and successfully, by keeping the weight you lost off. Fast Weight Loss – The Basics…

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Weight loss diets

Two (often overlooked) diet factors that will actually help you reach your long term weight loss goals. There are countless weight loss diets and theories, and they all claim life changing results. Most of them do work when taken on…

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How to lose weight – 3 Surefire Steps

The weight loss journey can often be a frustrating cycle of highs and lows. In this article you’ll learn about our 3 Surefire Steps to lose weight. We’ll explain how to manage hunger and cravings, what food swaps to make…

Weight Loss

The 20 Best Foods for Successful Weight Loss

What can you eat to help you lose weight? We’ve made a comprehensive list for you, these foods will help you boost your metabolism, curb your cravings and help you manage your weight. Weight loss – for some people, it…

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STOP Fitness Failure! Tracking Fitness Results for Success

Tracking fitness results is a tricky subject, and in fact, I’d argue it’s the number one reason why people fail at achieving their goals. After decades of working in the weight loss and wellness space, I’ve seen it happen to…