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Quick Weight Loss – 24 Hour Detox Flush

During the past month, I’ve been working hard to get on track with my exercise and weight loss goals with the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge. So far my results have been amazing! But despite my knowledge and discipline – I…

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Video Post: The best diet for weight loss

I did it! I said it, I called it a “diet!” One of the most controversial words in the weight loss language. I’m sure you’re more than familiar with the concept that all successful weight loss stems from the statement…

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Video Post: What Does “Detox” Mean?

I’ve just got back from a three and a half day adventure in Utah, Nevada. It was a really healthy trip where we went to the mountains in Zion and hiked for 30 miles. There will be a full blog…

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Success Story: Life Beyond Cancer And Hypothyroid by Kylee Molloy

If you have found yourself struggling lately, physically or emotionally, I think you’ll relate to and appreciate this motivational story from Kylee, a gal I know from a local fitness group here in San Diego.  I always knew she was…

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Detoxification and Cleansing

Dr. Carole Griggs is an amazing person to know. I met her through mutual friends and knew she worked in the holistic nutrition space, but it wasn’t until recently that I learned at what capacity. In fact, holistic nutrition and…

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3-Day Detox FAQ + Some Success!

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter with a story about my 3-Day Detox program. I know you’ve heard me talk about my for over a year now and it’s because I really love it and I really stand behind it 100% even…

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The Athlete’s Detox: Final Marathon Prep

Really? Can there be such a thing? Detox these days can be synonymous with a juice cleanse, while high in micronutrients can lack basic macros and run as low as 600 calories a day. That’s not nearly enough nutrition for…

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Teresa Marie’s 3 Day Detox

Whether you need to detox your retox, slim down for an event or just hit the reset button, my 3 day detox will help! I created this 3 day detox plan well over a year because I frequently find myself…