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28 Day Low Glycemic Menu Plan Challenge

Care to listen to this blog instead of reading it? You’ve probably heard the term “Glycemic Index,” but do you know what it means to your health? Any maybe you even have a sense that low glycemic…

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28 Day Plant Based Menu Plan Challenge

Are you ready to try out a plant based diet, or simply decrease the amount of animal protein you consume and don’t really know where to start? Welcome to the third of several more to come 28 Day Menu Challenges!…

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Paleo Meal Plan Challenge

Have you heard of the Paleo diet and want to give it a shot? Or are you already a perfect Paleo looking for more ideas? Welcome to the second of several more to come Menu Challenges! I do not believe…

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28 Day Gluten Free Menu Challenge

Here’s the deal, just because it’s “Gluten Free” does not automatically mean it’s healthy. In fact, I find the trend a little annoying to be honest because it’s confusing a lot of healthy hopeful consumers. Often, the gluten free alternatives…