Chair Yoga Moves
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Counteract Marathon Sitting with Chair Yoga Moves

Have you ever thought about just how frustrating it is to be glued to a work station all day while every single health study you read tells you it’s not good for you?

Chair Yoga Moves

I’ve been there, too. It’s hard to get up and move around when you have deadlines to meet and just get super comfortable in your chair. Luckily, there is a way around this. You can stretch your muscles and take a break from staring at your computer screen– and all you need is your chair! (5 minute video sequence below!)

How chair yoga can help you feel your best while marathon sitting

Chair yoga is a great substitute for stretching while you’re glued to your desk, either for studying or if you’re working with a deadline at work. It’s also a gentle way to stretch your muscles if you’re recovering from a back injury. There are many chair yoga classes popping up, and you should definitely try one near you! I find that trying different kinds of yoga helps me to keep switching up my routine so that I never get bored.

Chair Yoga Moves

I once had awful posture while sitting at my work desk. I would twist my legs up and strain my back muscles while hunching over my screen. My shoulders hunch forward when I walk and my spine is slightly out of alignment naturally, which didn’t help my situation.

I also wouldn’t take any breaks throughout the day and would forget to walk around. The result of sitting improperly for hours and not taking walking breaks has gradually made my muscles tighter and had me develop a muscle kink on my left trapezius (the muscle midway through your upper back– the part that hurt was right beside the spine).

I spent A LOT of money trying to take that kink out of my back– from going to the chiropractor to massages to acupuncture. After going through therapy, sitting properly AND frequently stretching and strengthening my back muscles, I can keep the pain at bay. Now every time I’m at a desk I deliberately stretch my body to avoid the pain and discomfort that professional sitting can bring.

A 5 min chair yoga sequence you can try at home (or work)!

And this is why I created a 5 minute chair yoga sequence– because I don’t want you to fall into the same predicament that I did! I want you to feel re-energized at work even if you can’t leave your office space. These are stretches I do every day while sitting, I’ve even done quite a few of them while I’ve written this post.

Practice this sequence anytime you’re sitting down for too long and FEEL the difference in the way your body feels. And hey, if you want to take this one step further and REALLY start feeling amazing in your body, why not grab my free Yoga Body Checklist? It’s full of ways to get motivated to finally get back into a consistent yoga practice, just like I did a few years ago. Grab it right here.

Sara Lou, CYA RYT Yoga Instructor
Sara Lou is a yoga teacher who helps women go from feeling tired, anxious, stressed and unmotivated to being inspired, calm, physically & emotionally stronger, having more energy & feeling amazing in their bodies. You can grab a free copy of her Yoga Life Checklist here or for even  more daily inspiration and support, join her inspiring Facebook Community  here.  

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