2015 Fitness Round-Up
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December 30-Day Challenge: 2015 Fitness Round-Up!

Are you Ready to Challenge Every Major Muscle Group in your Body this Month?

We Are! We are wrapping up the 3rd year with the 30-Day Challenge Series! I can hardly believe it was already over a two and a half years ago when I launched the series. We have stretched, strengthened, tightened and toned all parts of our bodies and we’re ready to round out 2015 with the best of the best! It’s been a great year for the series, fitness aside we’ve grown to a community of 32K and we’ve hustled our way through dozens of challenges and here are the best of the best for us to finish of 2015 strong!


This is going to be tough! Click on the link to see the details of the original challenge instructions and video tutorials and once you subscribe to the private coaching group, trust that daily workout reminders will also be posted for you to help keep you on track.

2015 Fitness Round-Up Workout Schedule

  • Monday – #1 TABATA: A lot of you are very familiar with this workout because it was our November Challenge. It’s a 12 minute circuit that will challenge your cardio vascular system and every  major muscle in your body.
  • Tuesday – #2 10K STEPS: Walk them, run them or crawl them. Just move yourself forward 10K steps today (the goal is to do it every day actually, but ESPECIALLY this day).
  • Wednesday – #3 BOOTY: Do you remember the Booty Challenge? We did it in October and it’s a great lower body workout. There are 5 different exercises:  Side Lunge, Sumo Squat, Glute Bridge, Curtsey Lunge, Deadlift and you can choose how many sets/reps you do, but I say start with 3 sets of 12 reps and increase each week.
  • Thursday – #4 PUSH-UPS: We actually did Planks and Push-ups together this year, but for this challenge, you just have to do 100 Push-ups. No you do not need to do them all at once. Yes, you can do them on your knees.
  • Friday – #5 WALKING LUNGES: We did 1000 total in June, about 33 per day. I think, since we’re only doing this once a week, you can do 50. That’s only 25 each leg.
  • Saturday – #6: COREMy favorite of all the ab challenges ever! It’s 5 of my favorite core exercises: crunches, bicycles, back extension, leg raise, knee to elbow plank and it’s all followed by holding a static plank as long as you can.  You pick how many you’ll do, but it MUST be at least 20!
  • Sunday – Challengers Choice: Rest if you need or want it. Repeat your favorite. Or for those of you who are up for it…do some form of test. Or as it turns out, I’ve been using these as catch up days a bit. ha ha.

Here’s what it should look like, pin this one out there and let’ get a big group going!

2015 Fitness Round up Pin

Why Should You Join the 2015 Fitness Round-Up?

Because December is one of the easiest months to get off track! Between the cool weather, a stacked social calendar, an abundance of delicious bites and sweet treats within arms reach, it’s definitely more challenging to stay fit, healthy and fun. But that does not mean it cannot be done. Committing to something as simple as the 30-Day Full Body Challenge will give you something each day to focus on. Week over week, you’ll get stronger and see the growth and progress. Results are motivating, so when you get them — those little pieces of cake and extra globs of gravy just don’t look so good when you know they are in-between you and your goals.

Get Started on the 2015 Fitness Round Up:

  1. Like the Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook.
  2. Request access to the Private Coaching Group. This is where daily coaching reminders are posted and where you share your progress and results. You only need to join this group once and you’ll automatically be signed up for all future challenges.
  3. Enlist support and invite your friends. Will make it easier and way more fun!
  4. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here. If you have already signed up for a Challenge Series Event in the past or a part of the community, then you will receive the monthly broadcast email later today with a link to all the updated trackers.
  5. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts Tuesday 12/2/15!
  6. Take your before picture because you will want it in 30 days from now!

2015 Fitness Round-Up

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