Juice Detox Vegetables
All you need for juice detox
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Detox Juice — Perfect Meal for Monday Morning

This weekend was quite literally too much fun and now nothing short of DETOX will do! Thankfully I follow my friend Drew’s Juicing Vegetables page and he posted this bad boy yesterday morning. Most of these veggies are a part of my regular juicing routine anyhow so I gave this detox juice a shot. It is delicious and you feel better just watching the juice come out of the juicer. Beets are in season right now, so you can get giant, beautiful organic bunches for less than $2 right now.

I am working on 150 snack blog to help battle “the last 10lbs” for a friend of mine. But in the spirit of Monday Morning Detox, I thought this would be more appropriate, and not to mention timely.


Detox Juice Recipe

Detox Juice

Detox my Retox

Juice Detox Vegetables

All you need for juice detox



(And it made exactly this much juice — perfect for me and my friend Natalie)


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