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Discover Your Implicit Motives to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Discover Your Implicit Motives to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

There are days when completing any of the to-dos or goals in your life feels like an impossible feat. Even if they’re goals you’re excited to achieve, you’ve instituted all of the fail-safe tips and organized yourself to the best of your abilities so you’ll be sure to get them done, sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. So what do you do?

Discover your Implicit Motives

Insightful research by Peter Gröpel, Ph.D. and Hugo Kehr, Ph.D. among other scientists may provide an easy answer. Their research suggests that one of the most accurate ways to meet your goals and find that elusive motivation instinct is to uncover your implicit motives. Implicit motives are impulses or influences that are so satisfying to you they subconsciously drive your attitude, actions and performance.

The 3 Main Implicit Motives

Per the theories expressed in basic motivational psychology, there are three main implicit motives that are the most dominant and have the strongest effect on your motivational drive; those motives are power, affiliation and achievement. While all three implicit motives can play a role in our motivation, there is usually one that really drives us. Below are ways to use the implicit motive that fits you best to increase your motivation and accomplish nearly anything:

Discover Your Implicit Motives to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Implicit Motive #1: Power

If power is your implicit motive, you love to lead. Your gratification comes from being the one in charge and setting the rules. To use this to your advantage, whether for work or working out, find ways to place yourself in leadership positions.

Want to get in shape but are horrible at sticking to a solo exercise regime? Start a workout group where you create the fitness program and serve as the instructor. Or, record yourself at-home performing workout routines, then share those videos with others who need workout inspiration.

Implicit Motive #2: Affiliation

Those whose implicit motive is affiliation get fulfillment from friends and family. No matter if it’s work or play, tasks are better when done together with people you love and trust.

If this implicit motive speaks to you, then accountability partners, workout buddies and family projects will help fuel your fire. No matter the goal, you’ll get farther along with a little help from your friends.

Implicit Motive #3: Achievement

Challenges and healthy competition are the hallmarks of individuals whose drive is found in the achievement motive. Boring, repetitious and mundane tasks are the bane of your existence.

So, how can you spice things up if you’re powered by achievement? Find ways to compete against yourself or others. Look for ways to perform your tasks or meet your goals more quickly than before; make your goals and tasks more difficult and therefore a challenge to overcome; or look for others to compete with/against.

Discover Your Implicit Motives to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

What is Your Implicit Motive?

If you’re finding it hard to decide which implicit motive best inspires you, choose a task or a goal you’re struggling to find the motivation for and come up with ways to complete it using each of the above three motives – being the leader, working with family/friends, or competing against someone. Whichever method gets you most excited is probably a good indicator of what motive will help keep you motivated.

Did you find a motive that works for you? How can you apply it to your goals? Share your responses in the comment section below.

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