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Drip Drop: Elite Hydration Science

*This post was sponsored on behalf of Drip Drop, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Often I get asked to review a product, whether it be apparel, food or some trinket that fits my lifestyle, and more importantly my readers (you!). This is one of the pretty cool blogging perks. But let me tell you, never in my life have I been so grateful to have a product on hand to review as I was to have a supply of Drip Drop last week. But let’s go back to the beginning for a little more info…

What is Drip Drop?

Simply stated, it is in fact elite hydration science. Awesome. What does that mean? Well, pretty much what it sounds like, hydration is a science and it a bit more than “drink water.” Drip Drop gets its roots from the relief efforts of Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS), which have been used for over 40 years internationally. ORS are credited with saving millions of lives from dehydration across the developing world every year. So why not so much here? Well, I guess ORS are known for tasting kind of icky?

Now Drip Drop to the rescue, bringing the first ORS formula, which combines the medical standards of rehydration therapy with excellent taste. It has a lower osmolarity that Pedialyte, leading to faster and more efficient water absorption, with fewer calories than your standard sports drink. It comes as powder in a packet in two flavors (lemon and berry), making it very portable, inexpensive and easy to prepare in any bottle of water.

Drip Drop’s formula improves upon international ORS standards, conforming to proven ratios of saltcdass, sugars, potassium, and other ingredients, maintaining low osmolarity and high sodium without compromising on taste. That’s why doctors, nurses, and dietitians from the world’s top medical intuitions are adopting Drip Drop.

Who can benefit from Drip Drop’s Elite Hydration Science?

Well, since nearly 75% of Americans operate in a chronic state of dehydration, I’d say there is a fairly large market for the product – ha! Dehydration sucks and causes fatigue, headache, decreases productivity, impairs athletic performance and weakens your immune system.

So instead of grabbing for a cup of mid-afternoon coffee, what if you grabbed for an effective rehydration solution? What if you could rehydrate more efficiently during or after a race? From hospitals to booze hounds, elite athletes to energy junkies – it looks like almost everybody can benefit from elite hydration science. I’m still learning about the product, but with my experience so far, I’m liking the idea quite a bit!

How I planned to test Drip Drop

I thought it would be fun to take the product home to the midwest to visit my boyfriend’s family. He was playing in a tennis tournament and I figured the heat and humidity would be a problem for our San Diego suited bodies. So I tossed a box in my carry on. And I’m glad I did. He stayed hydrated, won a few matches and most of all, felt great and recovered well. But that’s not the only reason I’m glad I brought it with us.

drip drop

How I actually tested Drip Drop

Why I decided to order a seared ahi steak that was served on a bed of crab/endive salad in the middle of the country, I’ll never know. And why I continued to eat it, even when I though it tasted kind of funky is even more of a mystery. So in the middle of the night when I woke up violently ill with the worst case of food poising in my life, I should have been anything buy surprised. I will spare you the terrifying details, but let me leave you with my sentiment of gratitude towards Drip Drop during this outbreak. Knowing that I had a medical grade rehydration product in my suitcase was the most comforting feeling I could know at time.

cleveland heath st louis

Looks so pretty – and oh so poisonous! I gag just looking at it now!

With all that said, you can imagine I was thrilled when I was asked to become a part of their Ambassador program moving forward, allowing me to always have product on hand for myself and friends. Phew!

How can you get your hands on Drip Drop?

Whether you’re looking to fight fatigue, improve athletic performance, escape a hangover or be prepared for a sudden, terrifying food poisoning outbreak, having some Drip Drop on hand might not be a bad idea. And the best part? You can get 20% off right now if you use the discount GoneSporty20 at the Drip Drop online store.

So there you have it, while this is a sponsored post, it’s a 100% reflection of my experience with and appreciation for this revolutionary hydration product!

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