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Eating in Season – Summer is Delicious!

Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope you are celebrating independence day with a smile! Here is some healthy food for thought for you this holiday weekend!

I’ll tell you one thing I love most about what I’m doing with my life right now — I love the people I’m meeting and spending my time with! Monday I spent the day at Social Media Day San Diego, which was quite fun. But the best part was spending the day with my cool kid blogger friends Conni from Art in the Find and Lydia from Food Wisz-dom and runner gal pal Natalie who does all the social media for Rise Bar.

Social Media Day San Diego

Social Media Powers Unite! #Selfie was most certainly a theme of the day…

I do think that if you locked a group of my girlfriends in a room for the weekend, we could solve the world’s problems…unless of course we had a bottle of wine and too much to catch up on…now I’m just getting off track here…

So today’s post is a guest post from Lydia about Eating in Season, the why and how! I suggest you check out her blog, it is an abundance of healthy lifestyle information! For now, read on for some good tips to eat in this delicious summer season!


So what do seasonal foods and healthy choices have in common? So much! I’m sure you’ve heard it all, like “XYZ market is so expensive and we are on a tight budget” or “everything is so expensive, we can’t afford to eat that way”. True on several counts that food is quite expensive – depending where you shop, but you can eat well and at the same time know that you aren’t breaking the bank so to speak. Also, it is understandable that after a long day of work sometimes the last thing you want to think about is cooking dinner. But, stop and think about it. You do have options and many times you’re probably thinking, “I long for a home-cooked meal” or “I miss the foods I ate when I was growing up” or “I miss Mom’s cooking”. Who says you can’t do it yourself and be wise in making good food purchases too.

Did you know that eating seasonally and locally is typically less expensive? These items simply require less work for shipping/transportation. You can learn more about the benefits from websites like SlowFoodUsa.org. In addition, if you shop at a local farmers’ market, your supporting an awesome cause, you’ll be eating well and making those local hard-working farmers happy too. If you don’t know where a farmers’ market is around where you live, you can check out: Localharvest.org.

The Eat Seasonably Calendar

Have you thought of why we have pumpkins in the Fall and why we have strawberries in the Summer? It typically doesn’t happen that you decide to make pumpkin pie in the summer, at least not fresh, although you can. There is scientific evidence that indicates that vegetables or fruits that are not in season will be different nutritionally than those that are in season. Shouldn’t that be reason enough to shop, eat locally and save a little money at the same time? If you don’t know what is in season, check out this seasonal fruit/vegetable calendar too (above).


I hope Lydia’s insight has motivated you to check out your local farmer’s market this weekend! Here are a few recipes to get you even more inspired based on July’s seasonal fruits and veggies! Many of these are from my 21 Day Guide to Healthy Living: Color Yourself Skinny system and also from around the web!

Eating in Season – Delicious Summer Recipes: perfect for 4th of July parties and summer BBQs!

Eating in Season Summer Recipes

Who knew summer wasn’t just the most fun, but also the most delicious!

And stay tuned for a fashion round up from Conni tomorrow on exactly how you can look your best when you shop for the best!
 Lydia WiszAbout Lydia Wisz: As an all-embracing well-being advocate, Lydia would like to challenge the way that people place value on their food choices. In a society that emphasizes fast-paced living, providing a positive, encouraging and well-informed approach to eating healthfully allows people to make smarter food choices which leads to better health. Food Wisz-dom is focused squarely on eating wisely with every bite.As a strong advocate of sound health, Lydia has gained her expertise in healthcare and nutrition and applied it to her work with Food Wisz-dom. After all, Food Wisz-dom is at the cornerstone of sustaining healthy lifestyle behaviors in the interest of minimizing chronic diseases. If you found someone with a food, health and wellness background, mixed in a serious passion for communicating, connecting and added on top of that the talent to create content and relationships — you would get me. A mission mover, connector and ally for organizations in order to promote a healthy living movement.

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