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The Peanut Butter Cup SkinnyTini

So many times after a delicious dinner with friends, you naturally crave a sweet treat. But cake with more wine or a different form of booze is not easy on the waistline. The Peanut Butter Cup SkinnyTini serves you well in these situations because:

  • A – it tastes like a freaking peanut butter cup!
  • B – it is still a mighty cocktail with 2 oz of booze
  • C – it has LESS than 150 calories

“Whaaat – How is that possible” You ask?  It’s one of the Eat. Drink & be Skinny wonders. Anything is possible as long as you think about it, play with it and go for it!

This recipe was originally created as a part of my Fall 2012 line. It is so tasty, I had to repost and remind you that it really exists. The unicorn of dessert style cocktails. I know the ingredients are a little tricky, but well worth adding to your grocery list.

Enjoy — the original post is below with the recipe!

ps – if you like this concept, then you absolutely MUST check out my book “SkinnyTinis — All the Fun for Half the Calories!” It’s loaded with 70 martini and cocktail recipes all under 150 calories and was and will always be the original Low Calorie Cocktail book! Cheers!

Skinny Tinis - Low Calorie Cocktail Book

Love seeing my little work of art on the shelves!


We’re getting pretty close to this looming holiday season and for those watching their weight, it’s an all out war. Between candy, cakes, pie, cocktails, and feasts — it’s no wonder the average chump can pack on 5-10 lbs. So here’s a clever concept — get your pie fix and cocktail fix at the same time. Why not?  Talk about impressing your friends with ingenuity and efficiency! Now this is not to say that any opaque, chocolaty, peanutbuttery martini is a good idea. Most of those bad boys can easily rock 400-500 calories with the cream, baileys, liqueurs and really only the devil knows what else.  Generally, if it’s not clear — steer clear! But of course, SkinnyTinis are the exception!

Now, I’m not going to lie, there are some tricky ingredients in here, so you will have to plan ahead if you want to make this recipe. The Sugar Free Peanut Butter Syrup, I ordered on line, I get everything on Amazon. But BevMo and World Market also carry them in their stores, but call ahead for flavor selections. Sometimes they only have the very basics. Check out Torani’s website for retailer and online order information.

The PB2 Powdered Peanut Butteris incredible! I could write an entire blog about it alone! Some clever, clever folks at Bell Plantation have figured out how to separate the protein from the oil (fat) in the peanut.  Then they sell the products separately. I’m not kidding, it’s brilliant. 2 tablespoons of this powder has only 45 calories versus the 160 you’ll find in peanut butter — and guess what? It’s still peanuts, so it tastes just like peanut butter. I always buy it on Amazon, so check it out! I might be the first to put it in a martini, and you’ve really got to shake it around, but it gives this SkinnyTini an authentic peanut taste without the unnecessary calories from fat.

Have fun with this one — Cheers!

Peanut Butter Cup Martini


Calories: This recipe will make two 5 oz martinis with 148 calories each.

Optional Garnish: Hershey’s square 18 calories

Directions: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for at least 10 seconds. The peanut powder really needs to get mixed in there. Strain into a martini glass and serve as an excellent, festive replacement for traditional pie. Garnish with chocolate shavings or small peanut butter cup on the rim.

Skinny TidBit: Your guests will be amazed they get a cocktail fix and their dessert cravings satisfied for under 150 calories with this treat (fyi – traditional peanut butter pie ranges from 450-950 calories per slice!)

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  • katembd

    I so need to make this!!!! But be warned everyone the Swiss Miss fat free hot choc in the picture has hydrogenated oil in it…there’s no escaping the stuff 🙁

    • Teresa

      You are right – We so have to take into consideration the good with the bad when playing in the low calorie sweet-treat realm. It’s a balance of scales and best to do your research and balance as best you can. It’s a very small portion per cocktail, only 2.5 oz but feel good about swapping out 1T of an all natural chocolate syrup and some light almond milk for about 50 calories more. Either way, you’re way better off than the standard 400-500 for a desert style martini!

  • Danielle H.

    Browsing through your skinny cocktails now and you’ve got some gems!

  • Teresa

    That is awesome to hear Danielle – and I have to agree 🙂 I think the Vanilla Chia Tini in the back there is going up tomorrow. It’s far underrated!

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