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My Favorite (Vegan) Fat Burning Power Smoothie Recipe

It’s true that the first of my 4 Universal Diet Truths of my Clean & Colorful Concept is to eat less processed food. I worded it that way specifically because some processing is necessary for the realistic lives we live today. Protein is an essential part of a healthy body and lifestyle, and you can only eat so much chicken. And if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, this becomes even more difficult.

fat burning smoothie recipe

Protein powers are one of the main exceptions to my processed rule, especially if you pick one up that is high quality, organic, GMO free and not loaded with tons of artificial flavors or sweeteners.

I am a fan of whey protein, mostly because I’m not sensitive to dairy, it’s highly bioavailable, fairly inexpensive and quite frankly, usually the yummiest.

That was until I found Thrive Alive, which was actually created by my bad A** holistic wellness friend, Dr. Carole Griggs. You’ll get to hear more from her in a few weeks, as she is an official Eat. Drink & be Skinny contributor and a true expert in her field.

I have no idea how she has time to dabble in the protein powder space with her current (fascinating!) project load, but lucky for us, she does!

fat burning smoothie

Thrive Alive Protein Powder

This is a plant based protein powder, but not your everyday vegan friendly variety, kind of funny tasting, made with soy and/or pea proteins. This is a combination of mushroom, chia, hemp and rice proteins and delivers 13g for just 85 calories per serving.

The combination sounds funny, I know, but it works! It’s also loaded with probiotics and digestive enzymes and is very lightly flavored with stevia. Of course it’s gluten, dairy and soy-free and organic as well. It’s very mildly flavored, so it’s perfect when you load it in the blender with your favorite natural goodies as I do. Essentially, it makes you feel good.

Fat Burning Smoothie Recipe

Why a Fat Burning Smoothie?

Often, I have to grab a quick meal and hit the road. Healthy snacking can be tricky, so I like to load up my smoothies so they count as full meals. In addition to high quality protein I add plenty of carbs (fiber) and a little bit of fat to tie me over for a few hours.

I had this smoothie almost every morning last week and was shocked that for the ~400 calories it provides, it kept me full for hours. Well into the afternoon hours around 1 or 2.

Which for me, that’s crazy because I’ll start grazing for lunch before noon on most days. It was the perfect way to start my healthy day (after my morning workout). Here are all the details you’ll need if you want to recreate this yummy meal replacement.*

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Vegan Fat Burning Power Smoothie* Recipe

Directions: Add everything to your blender and go! If you have a high-speed blender like a blentec, use the smoothie mode. If not, start on low for 30 seconds then speed up to high speed for the final 30-45 seconds.

*Keep in mind, this is a meal, not a snack or simple/yummy beverage 😉 It has roughly 410 calories, 7g fiber, 12g fat, and 33 grams of plant based protein!

What are your favorite super food smoothie ingredients? 

*This post contains affiliate links, but has no bearing on my decision to recommend this product.

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