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Feeling Lucky? Green Recipes for St. Patty’s Day!

Are you ready to get your green on with these Green Recipes for St. Patty’s Day? We all know green food is inherently good for you. So why not leverage the theme of St. Patty’s Day (not inherently good for you) to get more green food in your body? In the spirit of St. Patty’s day coming up in just a few days, let’s stuff our bodies full of nutritious green food! Here are some recipes to help you do just that.

These Clean and Colorful green recipes can lighten you up and help you feel great. Why not roll into a potentially toxic holiday feeling light and lean so you can celebrating in style? And maybe even buffer the affects of the toxic beer and corn-beefed laden day? Whatever you choose to do…enjoy!

Breakfast: Starting right with Green Eggs!

Fat Furnace Eggs

AKA – fat burning eggs, beans and spinach!

Lunch: Lighter Side Meatless Tacos

skinny meatless tacos

Dinner: Fill’er Up with Green Lasagna

Healthier Lasagna Recipe

This is the perfect hearty dish to fill up on before you fill up on beer, whisky and Irish car bombs.

Dessert: The perfect Green Apple Dessert!

Cobbler Cover

Simple way to sneak more green into dessert and a light way to end the day!

Drink: A Matcha Green Tea Caffeine Kick

Tasty Matcha Green Tea Recipes

Nutritionally dense, an interesting flavor and this vibrant green color makes Matcha an interesting ingredient on St. Patty’s Day.

Drink: Green Smoothies!

30 Day Juicing Challenge

Such a sneaky way to get kale into anybody! You can see it, but you can’t really taste it.

Drink: Green Drink Cocktails

Green Drink Cocktails

Can you counteract the acidifying effects of alcohol with the alkalizing effects of green juice? I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot!

For more Green Recipes for St. Patty’s Day, be sure to check out the rest of them featured on the blog here and also my Color Yourself Skinny program which is included as a part of my Simple Secrets Digital Health Coaching Program. The smallest shifts can add up to the largest results.


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