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Style Saturday: Find the Right Bathing Suit for Your Body!

Welcome back Conni from Art in the Find with a few tips to find the right bathing suit for your body! You’ve been working hard all summer long and perhaps it’s time to celebrate a bit with a new swim suit! With a few tips and a little direction, shopping for a new suit might not be as terrifying as you remember – ha ha! Just remember, everything looks a little once sun kissed and the best asset is a strong smile. Shop smart and strut your stuff!


It’s Style Saturday again and I’m back this weekend to share with you a few tips on how to find the right bathing suit for your body!

I have to admit, I’m not always the first gal to jump into the idea of bathing suit season because to me a bathing suit reveals waaay more of my skin than I sometimes feel comfortable bearing.   That’s a personal thing….  But I’ve learned that when I choose the right bathing suit to fit my body type, I’m often much happier with myself.   Also, knowing bathing suit season is upon me gives me that push I need to get my booty to the gym.  (Teresa’s post last week about the DIY bootcamp was right up my alley.)

To get summer body ready, let’s begin with a quick chat about body type, shall we?  We’re all shaped a bit differently.  And when you’re buying something new, or looking into your closet, it’s important to make the right choices so you will buy clothes that will flatter your body type!  How do you know what body type you have?  Well, there are 6 common body types frequently discussed that women fit into and today I’m going to talk about 4 of the most common and show you how to figure out which body type you are.

 Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • a tape measure,
  • pen,
  • paper, and
  • this handy body type guide

Start by measuring four main sections of your body; your shoulders, your chest, your natural waist (where your waist is the most narrow), and your hips (at their widest point).  Write down those three measurements.  Most likely, you will fall into one of the four categories for body type listed below:

1.  Rectangle:

  • Shoulders are about the same measurement as hips
  • No well defined waistline
  • Less of a “curvy” figure
  • Shoulders are generally even in measurement to hips

The Right Bathing Suit for Your Body:

Rectangle Body Style Bathing Suits | Art in the Find

2.  Y or Inverted Triangle:

  • You are broadest in the shoulders
  • You may have a larger bust
  • You are slimmer at the waist, hips, and thighs, in comparison to your shoulders and/or chest

The Right Bathing Suit for Your Body:

Inverted Y Body Type | Art in the Find

3. X or Hourglass:

  • You have a soft rounded curved waist
  • Shoulders and hips are equal or about equal in measurement
  • The smallest part of your body is your waist, which can sometimes be 10” smaller than your shoulders and hips

The Right Bathing Suit for Your Body:

Bathing Suit Styles | Art in the Find

4.  A, Triangle, or Pear Body Type: 

  • Your shoulders are the most narrow part of your body (the smallest measurement).
  • You have a smaller bust & waist compared to your hips
  • Your hips are most shapely or widest part of the body and
  • You have a defined waist

The Right Bathing Suit for Your Body:

Pear Shape Bathing Suit Styles | Art in the Find

For more style tips for your body type, you can check out my Style Tips Pinterest Page & stop by Art in the Find where I share style & lifestyle ideas weekly!

Image Credits:  How to Dress Your Shape

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