Finding your fit: What is the right workout for you?
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Finding your fit: What is the right workout for you?

Finding your fit: What is the right workout for you?Spring time is here, and as we shed our heavy winter clothing we can be reminded that we may have let our fitness fall by the wayside. With the beginning of bikini season, you may have a plan for tackling your fitness goals, but just can’t seem to decide which is the right fitness program for you.

With so many workout options out there, how do you cut through the clutter to find the workout that will work best for you? If tidying up a jumble of workout options is on your Spring cleaning list, use these 5 fit tips for finding your best fitness routine!

Ask yourself, “why am I doing this?”

Fitness is not one size fits all – what makes a workout great for one woman may not translate into a good workout for you. When deciding on a fitness program keep in mind the reason that lead you to exercise in the first place.

Maybe you are using exercise to keep yourself strong and energized so that you chase your kids or grandchildren around, or maybe your workout is that one hour that you have to blow off steam after a long day of work. Whatever your motivation, keep reminding yourself that exercise is supposed to enhance your life, not detract from it. Remember: exercise is not a punishment for your body, it is a celebration of your strength and capabilities!

Find your fit

In order to remain consistent fitness must be something you enjoy (more or less…). Every workout won’t feel great all the time, but if you find a class or type of exercise you prefer more than others you are more likely to want to head to the gym, yoga studio, or spin class, to get your workout in for the day. We are only likely to repeat behaviors that we enjoy doing, so make your workout an appointment that you look forward to!

What to look for in a new workout class

When looking to try a new group class, a good indicator of the style of the workout is in the name of the class. For instance, a functional fitness class will include exercises that mirror the movement patterns we do most often in our everyday lives, such as pushing, pulling, squatting, and lifting. Functional training primarily equates to moving your body in all ways, using many different types of equipment, and a varying pace of work.

Functional training has something for everyone, and a good instructor will know how to modify any exercise to make the movement accessible to clients of all ability levels. To see if a functional training program is the right fit for your, click here.  Everybody responds differently to various modes of exercise, so do not get discouraged if you don’t see results after trying one form of training. Which leads to my next find-your-fit tip…

Finding your fit: What is the right workout for you?

Switch it up!

Working out can, at times, feel monotonous and boring. Mix up your fitness routine with a variety of classes and training methods to keep the workouts fun – this will give you more to look forward to in your training sessions! Most gyms and fitness studios offer free passes to first time clients, so shop around and try out as many different classes as you can until you find the ones you like!

No pain, no gain…?

A workout program does not need to be “go hard, or go home!” seven days a week. In fact, too much overly-strenuous exercise can lead to overtraining and exhaustion, which will actually set your fitness progress back. There is a big difference between pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in order to break through to the next level during a hard core workout session, and demanding more of your body than it is able to give.

Rest is part of any well-balanced fitness plan, and should be accorded the same level of significance as your workouts. While working out 5-6 days per week is recommended in order to sustain healthy changes over time, that doesn’t mean that all six days should be high intensity workouts. To achieve optimal results, try a basic formula of 3 days per week of strict cardio (such as spin, running, or swimming for 45 minutes to an hour), 2 days a week of strength training (using weights), and one day of active recovery such as yoga or pilates.

Bottom line:

There are thousands of get-fit-quick schemes and countless fitness fads bombarding us, especially at the beginning of beach season. Cut through the confusion by remembering why YOU want to get and stay healthy and fit. At the end of the day, fitness has to be something that you do for yourself and no one else! So go try a new workout class, find what works for you and stick to it- you got this!

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Vera Ross, BA, CPT
Vera created her personal training business in order to help others create happier, healthier lives through fitness and nutrition.  A former collegiate runner, Vera is on a mission to share her passion for fitness with those who are looking to make lasting and meaningful lifestyle changes.  With her holistic approach to training, Vera leads her clients through personalized workout sessions, and also offers clients guidance on their daily routines, meals, clean eating, and all the elements of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.  Vera's goal is to ensure that each client walks away with a solid foundation and results that they know how to maintain on their own.

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