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Fire Up Your Fitness For the New Year

I love a New Year! Now I’m not complaining because 2013 was a great year for me on many levels. But I do love the enthusiasm and optimism that comes with January in general! I always focus my content around products, recipes, systems or strategies that make heathy and happy a reality for more people. But in January — I feel like  more people are listening! Yay! Today I have 2 great things to get you fired up on fitness and kicking off the new year with a skinny and strong start!

Part 1: Get the Right Gear – Fit Mark Sport Tote

I mentioned this product in my Happy Holiday Gift Guide and it generated the most chatter. Warranting me to publish another post with a few more details. My FitMark gym bag is one of my favorite gym accessories. My gym is 12 blocks from my house (about .75 mile) – so I walk to and from it every day. And sometimes my schedule requires me to shower there. Having the right bag makes all the difference!

Why I LOVE this Bag:

This bad boy is so cleverly designed, it’s like the engineers crawled inside my life to understand exactly where I needed pockets, zippers and compartments. It’s unreal and a bit like a Houdini bag. It does not look giant or bulky, but it seriously holds everything! I don’t want to gush too much, because visiting the FitMark website can give you all the sophisticated details you need, including how to get your hands on one of these and take a peek at all their other great products. But they are not messing around and totally stand by their single goal:

“To fill the void that exists between fashionable, high performance athletes and their bags. Whether at the gym on on the town…”

And I do carry this guy around with me on the town. I’ve used it for carryon luggage as well. Once I take out my spins shoes, it doubles perfectly as an extension of my mobile office. The two strap styles also give it a ton of versatility when it comes to comfort. Strap cross body or over one shoulder. Do I need to say anything else? You can also check FitMark out on FaceBook, Pinterest or follow the on Twitter @fitmarkbagsInvest it a good bag — having the right gear makes getting to the gym more fun. When it’s fun, you’ll do more of it. And more fitness is just about always a good thing!

Fit Mark Bag

How cute is this bag? The fact that it’s function is really just a perk!

Part II: Get the Right Program 21-Day Fitness Challenge SALE! 

What do you do if you don’t have a gym 12 blocks from your house (or anywhere convenient for that matter)? Well you don’t let it stop you from being active — that’s for sure! If you’re gym independent, travel a lot or simply too busy to commit  more than 21 minutes a day to fitness, then I’ve go something for you!

Why I LOVE this 21-Day Fitness Challenge

The 21-Day Fitness Challenge is a portion of my 21-Day Diet Detox Color Yourself Skinny. But because not everybody is up for nutrition and full program support, I pulled the fitness challenge out of the system and sell it a la carte with just the workout, video instruction and the tracker. It’s normally $21, but in the spirit of the new year and to strike while the enthusiasm iron is hot — I’m discounting it 50% for this week only. So between now and January 10th you can get it for just over $10 by using discount code: 21FC50.

21 - Day Fitness Challenge

This system is 100% excuse free and customizable for people with all kinds of fitness levels. Check out the full page here to see exactly why this may just be the perfect tool to set yourself up for slimmer, stronger success in 2014! This challenge has legs well beyond 21-days. In fact, I like do do the challenge for the first 3 weeks, take a week off, and go back at it. You can print as many copies of the tracker as you need, and you really can see your progress over time. I know results are motivating, and that’s exactly why I made them so easy to track!

So there you have two easy tips to make getting fit more fashionable, functional and fun!

Happy New Year!

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