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FitBit Local Kicks Off in San Diego

The FitBit Local program kicked off this weekend in San Diego this past Saturday. It was just one more reason I’m proud to be a member of the San Diego fitness community! Local ambassadors, local vendors, sunshine and free fitness were on the table and over 400 San Diegoans showed up to be a part of it.

Photo Nov 14, 9 31 31 AM

FitBit Local Program

We all know about FitBit by now right? The clever little device you wear on your arm and it tracks your daily activity? I got mine in January of this year and it quite literally changed the way I managed my day making sure I got in all 10K steps per day, even on rest days. They are increasing their reach and impact and have just launched the FitBit Local program and first on the list…Sunny San Diego of course! They also have San Francisco and plan to expand to these additional 11 cities in 2016.

If FitBit Local is coming to you, RSVP for their events!

If FitBit Local is coming to you, RSVP for their events!

Local FitBit Ambassadors

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Each city will be led by local fitness ambassadors. Folks that have a passion in life for helping others find their Fit and are active fitness professionals in their local settings. They started strong in San Diego by selecting my Gals Who Run co-founder, Sheri Matthews. A local love who’s heart is bigger than body and she would give it away if it would make somebody’s day better. Her co-ambassador is Mike Sherbakov, a social entrepreneur, passionate philanthropist, life enthusiast and yoga instructor.

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Local Vendors

The other beauty of this event was the support from local companies for refreshments. Suja came loaded with hundreds of their ready to go, cold pressed juices and Perfect Bar was there with healthy snacks for refueling. FitBit also dressed everybody in a soft t-shirt and gave away nearly a dozen FitBits to registered participants.

Photo Nov 14, 10 59 02 AM

Sunshine and Free Fitness

Sheri led a bootcamp, Mike, a yoga session. All outdoors at the Waterfront Park on Harbor in Downtown San Diego. The workout was as hard as you wanted to make it. Body weight bootcamp moves, great music and a calming yoga to finish it all off. We did a lot of outdoor yoga this summer, but oddly enough, this November event had the best weather yet!

Photo Nov 14, 10 38 45 AM

Will work on straightening my body…ha ha

Photo Nov 14, 9 31 29 AM

Group of 400 San Diegans showed up for this free event!

San Diego Supportive Fitness Community

We are so lucky to have such amazing fitness professionals around us and the beauty of the FitBit is that it works with all of them! We had representatives from dozens of local fitness organizations and it was such a fun celebration of us all coming together to enjoy a nice morning of fun, fitness and sunshine. It was a pure community event and I loved every  minute of it!

Photo Nov 14, 11 12 30 AM

This is my Wednesday morning November Project SD crew.

Photo Nov 14, 11 18 25 AM

This is just my fit, fun girlfriend crew.

Be sure to check out FitBit Local’s site to see how you can get involved with your fitness community. When all these areas come together and fitness becomes not just accessible and fun, but a part of our social network and community inter-workings, well then we’re really onto something great. Thank you FitBit for bringing this event to life for us San Diegoans. I’m looking forward to next month’s event already! December 19th, 9am, Oceanfront Jog and Yoga with Sherri. Sounds perfect!

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