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Football Playoffs are HERE – SkinnyTips!

Football Playoffs Are Here!

So even though I wasn’t the largest football fan this year (recall, I live in San Diego, boo)  I will still park myself at a bar downtown on Sunday and attempt to watch back to back playoff games. If done incorrectly, this could easily be a 10K calorie day. Which, clearly won’t work for me and my plans of running a PR next weekend in the Carlsbad Half Marathon. And while maybe you’re not planning to race your heart out 7 days later, if you’re reading this blog, I’m sure you share my sentiment in wanting to keep calorie consumption and waist expansion to a bare minimum.  Hopefully these tips give you a little direction 🙂

Drinks: I don’t know why sports and drinking are such a notorious combination, but they just are! Below are some great options if you are going to be participating in the festivities. Don’t forget to sneak in a non-alcoholic drink or water in between cocktails to stave off dehydration and keep you from wasting too many empty alcohol calories. Hot tea and coffee are also great options if you can’t take any  more water.

  • 5oz Bloody Mary – 116 calories
  • 5oz Mimosa – 92 calories
  • 5oz Skinny Mimosa – 72 calories
  • 12oz Coors Light– 104 calories
  • 12oz Bud Light – 110 calories
  • 12oz Bud Select – 99 calories
  • 12oz Amstel Light – 95 calories
  • 12oz Non-Alcoholic Beer – 60 calories
  • 9oz GameDay SkinnyTini (a.k.a. “don’t knock it ‘till you try it”). Equal parts light beer, white wine and diet sprite – 85 calories

Best Bar Food Bets: Bar food is tough because it’s so yummy! Then you have a few drinks in you and all of a sudden you just don’t care. So the first trick here is to eat healthy at home before you go. Not being hungry is the easiest way to avoid temptation. But if you have to have a snack or so, try these:

  • Grilled Fish Tacos (1 taco) – 165 calories (no avocado or sauce)
  • Rice & Beans (1/2 cup each) – 265 calories
  • Chips & Salsa (10 chips,  1/4 cup salsa) – 100 calories
  • Cheese Pizza (1 thin crust slice) – 190 calories
  • Turkey Chili (1 cup) – 220 calories
  • French Fries (2.5 oz) – 230 calories
  • Mini Beef Slider (1 burger) – 250 calories
  • Chicken Strips (1 piece) – 140 calories
  • Buffalo Wings (1 wingy) – 90 calories

Last Tip – makes sure you beef up your regular Sunday exercise to make room for these extra calories. Games don’t start until 12 pm on the west coast so you have plenty of time in the morning to get in 60 min of cardio and burn 450-600 calories! Using that hour wisely means you could enjoy 2 guilt free light beers, 2 fish tacos and chips and salsa, what deal!

Cheers and go Niners!!

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