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Free Video Lesson: Mastering Menu Planning & Meal Prep

I know you’re busy. Asking you to take time to menu plan and meal prep may sound counter-intuitive.  But at the core of who we are, is what we eat. It’s a reflection about how you feel about yourself. When you commit to and take the time to eat well, you commit to a better version of yourself.

Meals Ready to go

Think about this: What if you could save ~$250 per month and lose or not gain 2 pounds in the process?

I know that sounds dramatic, but honestly that’s what would happen if you took control of your menu. This is a conservative calculation that I came up with estimating the average person dines out just four times a week, spends $15 each time and eats 400 calories more than if prepared at home. You’d be surprised at how easy that is to do. It’s the difference between a few rolls and some butter really or a slightly larger portion size than you need.

Isn’t it interesting to see how things add up over time? What else would you rather do with $250 per month?

As I continue to develop my new Fat Furnace program, I’m reminded of how important meal preparation can be. And yes it takes time, I’d be a liar if I said it didn’t. But 2-3 hours of meal prep, one day a week will save you that much time and more throughout the week. Not to mention the cash and calories you save.

Watch this quick video lesson:

Putting this lesson into action:

  1. Get a Menu Plan
    1. Use this free 5 min menu plan template and create your own quickly.
    2. Pick up any pre-written menu plan from my arsenal of RD approved plans
  1. Make your Grocery List
  1. Plan your Meal Prep Party
  1. Get your containers ready because you’re kitchen is about to look like this:

meal prep

Don’t be afraid because then it will look like this:

meal prep

BTW, this is a real picture from my refrigerator last week. I had breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks ready to go through the weekend and it was awesome to not have to think all week! But yikes, sharing this pic really does feel a little like confessional (ha ha). That weird looking stuff in the mason jars is DIY rice milk, stay tuned for a post on that one in the coming days! I posted a few of these meal prep pictures on Instagram and they got a lot of action. So I had a feeling this might be your mind today.

Need healthy recipe inspiration?

If you need healthy recipe ideas for your meal plan, don’t forget the recipe section on this blog and also my Color Yourself Skinny program. I have never been a fan of complicated meal prep, so all these recipes will use simple ingredients and be easy to put together.

Is this Meal Planning and Menu Prep info helpful?

This video is one of the lessons from my Simple Secrets program “taking control of your kitchen and cleaning up your diet.” I’ve included it here for you at zero cost because I think the information is so valuable and could really help you. There are 23 more lessons similar to this in the membership program, so click here for more information.

Your Turn to Share!

That’s a ton of one-way info on menu planning and meal prep because I feel so strongly about it. But I’d love to hear from you. What are your struggles? What are your best tips? How can I help you commit to eating better and investing in your health? Shoot me a note and let me know because I would love to hear from you!

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