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How a Get It Girl Get’s it all Done! #giveaway

*A big thank you to Cafe Breaks for sponsoring today’s conversation! 

If you’re anything like me, you’re busy. You have more things to get done than you have time to do. You care about your health, your friends, your family, your body…and your sanity. You’re balancing your fitness, your career, your social life…and your caloric budget. You probably like coffee and the occasional “heck I just need chocolate!” sweet treat. I mean, let’s be real — it’s not that easy to do it all…but I have three tips to help you be maybe even a tiny bit better.

cafe breaks

Here are my top 3 tips to help the get it girl, get it done!

1. Prioritize and Organize

You could spend all day putting out fires, or spend all day building an empire. It’s about setting goals, priorities and deadlines. This is taking control of your day, not letting your day take control of you. I start each day with a specific list of what needs to get done and then the order in which it needs to happen.

2. Be Present

I got this tid-bit of advice from our old CEO when I lived in a corporate environment. Genius and something I struggle with daily. It’s a waste of everybody’s time if you’re there, but not present or paying attention. Be where you are. Focus on what you are doing and care about who you are with and why. Even when you’re taking a break…take a break. Don’t think your way through it, that’s not a break. Ha!

3. Plan Ahead

In addition to knowing what you need to do, it’s not a bad idea to know how it’s going to get done. Where will you be throughout the day? Where does your food come in? When do you exercise? These things will not likely work out in your favor if you don’t make a plan. This is why I am always a fan of knocking out exercise in the am, making a high quality smoothie for breakfast and then packing smart snacks for the day.

A Smart Snack I think you might appreciate…Cafe Breaks

When I was asked to take a look at Cafe Breaks from Real Fresh, I was like…”hummm…coffee flavored pudding cups for grown ups?” Yes please! It’s a little it of everything I love and hot dang, they are grab and go!

You’re looking at about 100 calories, 16 mg caffeine and 110% flavor! These little guys are yummy! And even though they have no preservatives, you can still toss them in your bag and go. No refrigeration required! Say what?!

cafe breaks

Where to find Cafe Breaks

I went to their website and used their store locator to find out they were at the Ralph’s down the street from me. Easy peasy, I went by after the gym. When you go to find them, skip the coolers, as they are shelf stable and head straight to the snack aisle. Mine were just near the popcorn.  You can learn more on their site, and enter this Mother’s Day giveaway!

Café Breaks Spa Weekend with Mom

What’s your favorite way to get it ALL done?

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