Grab & Go Fruit Made Easy: OneBar

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*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OneBar.

Summer is pretty much here, so we are out and about and off our schedules a little bit more than normal these days. Whether it be entertaining kids all day, hosting out-of-town guests or summer vacation travel plans, sticking to your routine may be a challenge. For this reason, healthy snacks have been a huge theme for me these past few weeks. You also know I’m a HUGE advocate of adding more color to your menu through fresh fruits and vegetables! So now I have for you a new product I’d like to introduce you to, OneBar, the easy fruit. It fits the healthy, portable, colorful snack parameters quite perfectly.

one bar

How cute is this little gift package?

Why I think you should know about OneBar

Simply stated, it has a full serving of fruit in each very portable and pretty tasty bar! I don’t know how many times you’ve packed an apple or a banana in a bag for an on-the-go snack, only to dig it out a few hours later and find it warm, mushy and bruised. Your healthy snack is already competing against all the junk food amidst you, the last thing you need is to have your healthy efforts derailed by beat up fruit! OneBar to the rescue!

I keep them in my work bag and actually in my car. They stand up pretty well against the heat and are a great to go when I’m stuck out longer than I had planned. I also like them about 30 min to an hour before I run because the simple fruit sugar is a great energy boost. They actually have a cute campaign on Instagram encouraging people to show us all the places they have gone with OneBar. Feel free to join in and use #easyfruit to join the party!

one bar

You never know when you’re going to need a healthy snack! #prepared!

What else makes OneBar pretty cool? Boabab!

Well lets start with the innovate product they are using, baobab. Heard of it? You will hear more of it, right now OneBar is one of only a few items sold in the US using it. What is it you wonder? It’s one of those precious super fruits. The Boabab tree is actually an endangered, and by sourcing the fruit fair trade, OneBar is able to help protect them. Yay for protecting the underdog! Boabab is highly alkaine forming, a good source of plant based calcium, has six times the potassium of bananas, is loaded with vitamin C, and also a good source of fiber. Pretty awesome, yes? 

one bar

Oh so portable!

How to buy OneBar if you don’t want to wait for the contest?

Go check out their site, TheOneBar to learn more about the product and the company. They are pretty good folks, and have offered a 25% discount off your entire order. To redeem, just use coupon code EasyFruit and place your order before August 31.

All right, now let’s here it! Have you tried OneBar? Will you try OneBar? Do you have a different go-to healthy snack you can bring with you and always count on when you’re in a bind? I want to hear about it!

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OneBar.

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