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Green Holiday SkinnyTini – The Little Elf

TGIF everybody and Tiss the Season to be happy and merry. And also overwhelmed, overstuffed and exhausted. This recipe is actually and original from my book, “SkinnyTinis — All the Fun for Half the Calories” which was originally published in 2009 and just recently issued in paperback. I get so caught up creating new recipes, I often forget about the little gems in this book (of which there are 70, with 39 full color photos and also some pretty good drinking savvy tips – go buy it if you haven’t already. PB is just $9.99 and makes a great gift).


Originally named the Shamrock for it’s brilliant green color, I’ve decided to rename it for the holidays. And well, since I’m the author, I think I’m allowed to do that ūüėČ So now I’m calling it The Little Elf. Not just because it’s adorably neon green (are elves even green? Maybe not, but they wear green) but because it’s going to act like Mommy’s Little Helper this holiday season.

It’s loaded with electrolytes from Gatorade and packed with Sugar Free Red Bull – it’s sure to keep you buzzing in more ways than one without contributing to your holiday weight-gain-athon! What else could¬† make it a more perfect Holiday SkinnyTini? Another perk? These are easy peasy ingredients that you can find anywhere. Maybe even a quick convenience liquor store — so load up and enjoy!

The Little Elf SkinnyTini

  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 2 oz Sugar Free Red Bull
  • 1 oz Blue Gatorade

Directions: add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 10-15 seconds. Strain into a 5 oz martini glass and serve. Be careful as you shake though, the Red Bull is carbonated and have an explosive effect on your kitchen if you get to crazy. So be sure to wrap with a towel and shake gently.

Calories: 136 per 5 oz SkinnyTini


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