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Guest Post: 15 Things Nobody Tells You About Marathon Training

TGIF! And guess? If all went well, I should be running a marathon today…all the way over in Jerusalem, as in Israel. Crazy right? In fact, maybe I’m already done? Check Twitter and/or Instagram and see!

Anyhow, in the spirit of the marathon and with my absence, enjoy another carefully selected guest post this week from one of my dear gal pals I’m proud to call a BFF, Kate over at So Cal Runner Gal. We ran the 2013 Boston Marathon together, as you can imagine, we became insta-friends after that. We are both currently training for the OC Marathon on May 2nd, as I hope to join her back in Boston in 2016. Enjoy a few of her fun findings from hundreds of miles and many years of marathon training…she is hilarious, and brutally honest.

So Cal Runner Gal


I’ve trained for several marathons and I’ve read everything I could get my hands on regarding running.  I’ve scoured the internet, magazines and books for tips, training plans, and advice and have gained a ton of insight on the subject.  However, there are some things that nobody told me and I had to figure out for myself.  I thought I ought to cover them since I currently have “marathon brain” anyway, and who doesn’t love a good list?  (I’m looking at you, buzzfeed junkies.)  Without further ado, here you go, people.

  1. You will be perpetually hungry. Like can’t-be-trusted-alone-in-a-bakery kind of hungry.
  2. You will think a 12 mile run is “short.”  You may even need to bite your tongue or risk sounding like a jerk when someone gushes about finishing their first half marathon. Congratulate them and don’t mention that 18 miler you did yesterday.
  3. Your idea of excitement is when a new issue of Runner’s World or Running Times comes in the mail.  Seriously, it will make your day.
  4. You may lose toenails. But even if you don’t, you’ll still have some gnarly, unattractive feet. Think of your hideous feet as badges of honor.
  5. Things like gels, goos, chews and chomps will become a staple food group.  They’re pretty nasty at first but over time you’ll actually start to enjoy them.  
  6. People will constantly say things like “you can eat whatever you want because you run so much.” You will start to believe them and subsequently eat loads of pizza and ice-cream until you realize you’ve actually gained 5 pounds. It’s okay, we’ve all done it.
  7. Your entire weekend will revolve around your long run.  Repeat after me: “I can’t, I have a long run tomorrow.” You’ll use that phrase often.
  8. Your idea of the perfect Friday night will be take-out, a movie and bed by 10 PM.  You can go ahead and put your party pants in storage for now.
  9. Nobody cares about your running.  You’ll be met with a glazed-over look whenever you start talking about fartleks and tempo runs so save the run talk for your fellow running nerds. 
  10. Running isn’t actually free.  Race entries, running shoes, running clothes, gear, and travel costs associated with races ain’t cheap. You’ll need a separate line item in your budget for running related expenses.
  11. Cross Training is your best friend.  I know you’re madly in love with running and you two want to be exclusive but you just can’t be. You’ll need to cheat on running with cross training, strength training and yoga.  It will do wonders for your training and keep you injury-free. 
  12. You will become a human GPS.  You’ll know the exact distance to everything within 5 miles of your house and you’ll know of every public restroom and drinking fountain. Who needs google maps when you’ve run every possible route countless times?
  13. Running becomes a form of transportation.  You’ll need to squeeze all those training miles in whenever possible.  Meeting friends for lunch 4 miles away? You’ll run there.  Need to drop a letter off at the post office? You’ll run it.  People will get used to you showing up places sweaty.  It’s okay, you’re training for a marathon.
  14. You might crap your pants or pee yourself while running.  It happens to the best of us, just trust me on this one.
  15. You are stronger than you think.  Nothing builds character like a 20 mile run in the pouring rain or taking a shower after some serious chafing (feel the burn!) or a hill workout in the blazing heat.  You will endure more than you ever thought you could and will soon realize you are really freaking strong.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some. What would you add to this list?

so cal runner gal

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