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Health Benefits of Wine

Is wine a part of your life? If you read this blog, it probably is! I have a love hate relationship with because I love it so much, I can go overboard and hate myself in the am. All that said, wine, along with any alcohol, when enjoyed in moderation can be a part of a healthy lifestyle. Read on for a summary from my great friend Greta, author of the The Wine and Chocolate Workout on the health benefits of wine!


Living La Vida Vino In Your Skinny Jeans.

“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.” – W. C. Fields

Did you know that the average wine drinker, when compared with the rest of the population, has a  smaller waistline, less belly fat, and lower body mass? Not only that but they tend to be better educated, have a higher IQ, eat more fruits and vegetables, and exercise more. Now, I know what you’re thinking along with how much you like me right now. You’re thinking, wine drinkers’ lifestyles are better ergo they are thinner. Maybe, but which comes first the grape or the seed is the question?

I certainly agree that Living La Vida Vino includes a number of health producing benefits. Having a more educated palate would make you more discerning about food choices, and, as we discussed last month, enjoying the bounty of nature and living close to the land are part of loving wine. All things that improve health. You can, however, be fit and fat. I have worked with many foodies, triathletes, swimmers, and vegetarian Yogis who were just that. So, it seems there may be a quality in wine itself that helps to keep us from middle aged spread.

A thirteen year study was done by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. In this study they tracked the drinking habits of women. It turned out that women who drank moderately had a 30 percent lower chance of weight gain. When wine was specifically targeted, the results were even more dramatic. A Swiss study showed that digestion was improved and slowed when a heavy meal was paired with white wine versus black tea. The same study showed that when people drank alcohol with a meal they tended to eat less.

What a joyful day it was when I discovered that not all calories are created equal. A team at Boston University found that alcohol calories are metabolized differently than the calories from food. They are quickly used and aren’t stored in fat. In fact, your metabolism may actually be elevated for as long as 90 minutes after you drink a glass of wine. If that isn’t good enough news, resveritrol, the wonder ingredient found in red wine, is actually believed to destroy fat cells. Do I hear an amen? This property is being further researched because resveritrol appears to protect the body from  metabolic syndrome and diabetes, both of which are associated with obesity.

The more I study about the benefits of drinking wine and, of course, the more I drink it, the happier I get. Next month I’ll explore the question, does wine make you better looking? I’m sure it must. I’m headed for the cooler.


Greta Boris is the author of Wine and Chocolate Workout – Eat, Drink and Lose Weight. She worked in the fitness industry for close to 20 years as a personal trainer, weight management coach, and Health and Wellness Director for a YMCA. She publishes Vanity Network Magazine – Redefining Beautiful. Her mission is to inspire her readers toward a healthier and happier life. You can find her at www.fitnessinsideoutoc.com, like her on facebook, and follow her on twitter at @fitnesinsideout.

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