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Healthy Food for Walkers and Runners

This week I’m filming a nutrition based series that will air on www.livestrong.com called “Fresh Kitchen with Teresa Howes” How fun is that? Well, a lot, but also a lot of work. I was given 60 titles to work with and was responsible to write content, create healthy recipes, get props, clean my kitchen and smile for more than a few days as we capture it all on high quality video. I do think I had bit off more than I could chew so to speak, but the content is done and the kitchen is clean and stocked. All I have to do now is film, and it’s in the  hands of the editors, graphic artists and producers after that.

Healthy Food for Walkers - fresh kitchen with teresa howes filming

Here we are filming — I LOVE turning my real kitchen into My Fresh Kitchen Studio Set!

I broke all my titles into 10 different categories to help organize it. So we have mini-series’ in the series. We’re covering weight loss, portion control, iron, increased energy, healthy kids, healthy bones, fiber, cholesterol, acid alkaline balance and B vitamins. It’s a lot of content! And all segments are less than 2 min full of factoids and my smiling face 🙂 Woot!

What’s great is that I have so much great content that may or may not make it into the actual film bites, so get ready Eat. Drink & be Skinny Fans because you’re in for a lot of healthy fact based blog posts 🙂

healthy food for runners and walkers

Healthy Food for Runners and Walkers

Walking is a great exercise for almost everybody. It gets you up and moving, requires very little equipment, you can do it anywhere, making it pretty excuse free. Walking burns anywhere from 120-700+ calories per hour depending on your size the pace of your walk and the incline — both of which impact your intensity. But an averaged weighted individual on a moderate walk can expect to burn about 260 calories per hour.

A healthy diet is definitely a part of walking success. And that comes from following The National Academy of Sciences recommends this breakdown for daily macronutrient composition:

  • 45-65% of your calories should come from Carbohydrate
  • 10-35% of your calories should come from Protein
  • 20-35% of your calories should come from Fat
Healthy Diet

A balanced healthy diet must have complex carbohydrates from fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains, lean meats, healthy fats!

And of course choosing complex carbohydrates over simple, lean proteins over high fat and heart healthy fats over saturated or trans fats.

To Fuel Your Run or Walk:

It’s best to have some carbohydrates about an hour before you head out, not more than 200 calories. A small bowl of oatmeal with some fresh fruit or a simple banana will do the trick. A heavy plate of pancakes may taste good, but the excess carbs, butter and sugar will actually slow you down.

Pre-walk fuel

Remember to eat some carbohydrates about an hour before you go!

To Recover From Your Run or Walk:

it’s best to get in a mix of protein and carbohydrate sources, again not much more than 200 calories to recover depleted glycogen and fuel your muscles for repair. A great option would be a low calorie protein shake with fresh fruit or even chocolate milk.

post - walk fuel

Recover with carbohydrates and protein, but always be mindful of sugar and calories!

But Remember:

Weight loss and weight maintenance are mathematical equations. If you are only strolling for an hour, you can expect to burn 200-300 calories. If you followed these fueling guidelines, you’d actually have consumed 100-200 EXTRA calories. And that would be ok, as long as you take that into consideration with the rest of your daily calorie intake.

What can happen:

Sometimes entitlement sets in and you feel you may have “earned” some extra calories. Not to mention the performance nutrition industry does a pretty good job making us feel like their products are necessary. And that may be the case, if you are exercising for prolong periods of time and elevated intensities.

What’s Most Important to Keep in Mind:

  1. Be sure to eat a well balanced diet throughout the day
  2. How m any calories you need in a day
  3. How many you burn when you are walking
  4. From there, you can devise the perfect pre-fuel and re-fueling strategy for your specific routine.

Do you have a favorite pre or post power walk meal? I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Walking or Running!

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