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Healthy Recipe Round Up – Best Breakfast Recipes

I will not lie, I’m a creature of habit. It’s not to say I won’t do or try new things, it’s just that it’s not in my nature to go looking for them. I’m a huge fan of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.

When out of your element, it’s time for something new!

So when I was in the Midwest this past weekend with my boyfriend’s family and we had the chance to prepare the healthy side dishes for the outstanding smoked pork shoulder, I was forced to try something new. I didn’t have my kitchen, my grocery stores or my go-to pantry of common/on-hand ingredients I’m used to working with. We googled a few recipes and found so much fun stuff, I was inspired!

New recipes and ingredients are inspiring!

I love that I know how to prepare my favorites with instinct and whatever I have on hand. But I forgot how fun it is when new recipes inspire you and you get to work with ingredients you’re not completely familiar with. It makes cooking more of an adventure and less of a duty. And we were lucky – because both recipes we tried were crowd pleasers and sure to be added to my list of familiar favorites. I feel my kitchen skills and healthy culinary know-how have been further expanded – yippee!

But finding good recipes can be a pain!

And you can spend a lot of time hunting and pecking, clicking links, being derailed by ads and untested recipes. So it’s my mission here to try as much new stuff as I can and fill up my Foodie profile with only recipes that I have tried, or based on my understanding of healthy, happy and skinny cooking, trust will be delicious.

Here is the first of a basic series I plan to release! Best Breakfast Recipes

Check out Best Breakfasts

by Eat Drink&Be Skinny at Foodie.com

We’ll go in order; best breakfasts, light lunches, mighty mains, smart sides, dainty deserts, stellar stacks and of course conscious cocktails. Stay tuned; clearly, there are lots of good things to come!

Your turn to dish it out, what are your favorite happy, healthy and skinny breakfast recipes?

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