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Healthy Recipe Round Up – Light Lunch Recipes

Lunch is important! We all know that. But what if you’re a busy professional who does not have access to their kitchen during the day? Are you left at the mercy of the local deli, company cafeteria or even worse, vending machine? It’s not doubt it takes a little planning, but being prepared with an arsenal of light lunch recipes can help you stay fueled up, slimmed down and full of energy!

Here is the second collection I plan to release over the next few weeks. We started last week with the “best breakfast recipes” and now we’re simply moving onto the next meal of the day!

Searching for healthy recipes on the internet can be a bit of a goose chase. It’s tough to navigate through blinking banner ads and even at that, you don’t know who to trust. Did a person create that recipe with care and thought, or was it an SEO robot trying to drive traffic? My healthy recipe round up collections on Foodie are here to the rescue! All of these recipes are tested or carefully reviewed to make sure they make sense. I’ll also add to them as I find more great recipes that past the “skinny” test! These light lunch recipes are easy to prepare and also good to prepare in bulk so that you can make in advance and tote into work each day.

Check out the Light Lunches Recipe Collection Now!

Check out Light Lunches

by Eat Drink&Be Skinny at Foodie.com

What recipes am I missing? Share the links in the comments below and I’ll be sure to take a peek at them and add them!

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