Healthy Week checklist
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Healthy Week Checklist

Do you ever just wish you had a checklist that told you exactly what you needed to set up each week to have the healthiest and happiest week of all? Here is my treat to you: The Healthy Week Checklist! If you’re someone who let’s their schedule rule them, it’s time for you to take back your control!

I am a big fan of having a plan, because I do believe that failing to plan is planning to fail. The best way to take control of your health and happiness is to simply plan for it. Easy, right? I’ve put together a little list of things to make sure you take care of on Monday so that the rest of your week is planned out and you have some semblance of control.

Sunday is also a good day to knock most of these tasks out as well, so perhaps you bookmark this post for the weekend. And I’ll be back on Friday with the sister post to this one “Healthy Weekend Checklist.”

I start every week with my calendar and I work through it in this order…

1. Plan your evening social events

  • Start with the stuff you can’t change. Networking events, sports games, happy hours, dinners, etc. They will impact your menu planning and workouts for the week. Plus it will help you see if you’re over extending yourself or double booked — both of which are stressful and toxic situations. This will also help your social circle understand that you’re a planner and you may not get as many last minute invites to throw you off balance mid-week.
  • Teresa’s Tip: I try not to have  more than two things on my social list for the week.

2. Plan your workouts

  • Based on your fitness goals, plan how many workouts you want to do. When will you run/walk, lift weights, go to yoga or any other fitness related goals. Remember the physical activity guidelines recommend at least 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise (5×30 min) for some health benefits. But state that 300 minutes (5×60) is best! Plus at least 2 days a week of weight bearing exercise.
  • Teresa’s Tip: I alternate am and pm workouts based on social/work demands and class schedules.

3. Plan your meals

  • Now that you know where you will be for the week and when you’re exercising, it’s time to block in your meals. Having a plan for what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday – Friday will save you calories and cash, not to mention sanity. It will also save you from having to panic or riddle yourself with drive-thru guilt.
  • Teresa’s Tip: I live this 5 min menu plan worksheet and Color Yourself Skinny is packed with healthy, easy recipes great for mid-week menu. Remember to maximize time in the kitchen and plan dinners that make great leftover lunches.

4. Grocery store/veggie prep

  • Now that you have your meals planned for the week, it’s easy to make your grocery list and get in and out of the store in a matter of minutes! Be sure to spend 80% of your time at the grocery store picking up fresh/perishable ingredients found around the perimeter of the store. When you get home, was and chop all your veggies at once. This will save you time and make it easier to stick to your meal plan Monday – Friday.
  • Teresa’s Tip: Never go to the grocery store without a plan. Have a list and stick to it!   Don’t go hungry either if you can avoid it.

5. Plan your outfits/laundry

  • Planning your work outfits will make your mornings much less stressful and easy to get through. Nothing is more frustrating that changing outfits several times before you leave the house. Laundry is kind of a no brainer, but really does have an impact on your week for sure. Plus you’ll make sure you have clean workout clothes for the week, one less potential excuse!
  • Teresa’s Tip: If you’re an AM exerciser, make sure you pull out your exercise gear before you go to bed at night so you’re ready to go first thing in the morning.

6. Plan your reward

  • This is the fun part in life right? If you’re going to  make a plan, you deserve a little treat for sticking to it. Try to pick a reward that supports your healthy efforts, not derail it. A manicure/pedicure is awesome, a new workout top. A few hours to sleep in on the weekends, whatever your body is craving.
  • Teresa’s Tip: Make sure it’s something you’re really looking forward to and don’t forget to do it! We get so caught up in the to-do, doing that it can be really easy to forget about the things that have been done well.
healthy weekend checklist unchecked

Print this little guy out and go have the healthiest and happiest week ever!

What else is on your Healthy Week Checklist?

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