Heidi Klum for New Balance Review

You all know what an absolute blast I am having with this blog, right? I’ve created an online space that is simply a reflection of all my personal passions, tasty eats, fun drinks and anything and everything I know about being skinny! I was thrilled with the invitation to join the Fitness section of POPSUGAR and just about fell out of my chair when they asked for my opinion of the new Heidi Klum for New Balance fashionable fitness line. I’ve watched Project Runway since day one and have adored Heidi’s unique style and stunning beauty for years. As an active athlete, I couldn’t be more thrilled to hear she has partnered with such a great fitness apparel brand to bring such a fun solution to us fit girls everywhere!

The HKNB Line: A Collision of Sport + Fashion

The entire goal of this line is to bridge the gap between fashion and fitness. It’s part Heidi — interesting design and eye-catching patterns. And part New Balance, the reliable, well-fitted and sturdy fitness brand we’ve learned to rely on and trust over the years.  The line is robust with over 40 items from shoes, to pants, shorts, sport bras, stylish tanks, hoodies and jackets. As a runner, yogi, cyclist and overall gym rat — I find this line to be so much fun! I often wake up and head straight to the gym for my workout. Because I am a writer and fitness professional, I will shower, and change right back onto “exercise clothes.” I like HKNB because of the variety and style it offers not just to a gal in my position, but anybody who does not want to look boxy, frumpy, or outdated when they head out to get fit!


HKNB Dance Legging Review

As a part of this review, I was sent an item at random. This is one of the more creative solutions I’ve seen come into the fashion/fitness industry. It’s the Dance Legging. There is a little skirt attached to these printed leggings.

“This is a new take on leggings. It’s great because it has a built in skirt that creates the layered look I love.” – Heidi Klum

HKNB Dance Legging

Now while pants with a skirt on them don’t particularly serve me as a fitness professional, let me tell you that they are the most comfortable things I have ever put on! They are fitted but not tight! They conform to the shape of your body without restricting movement! And with that little skirt, they really can help hide something you may not want to stand out “making every side your good side.”  And guess what? If you don’t like the skirt — it’s so lightweight it synchs right up and looks like an oversized waistband.


I’ll confess and admit I don’t own any printed leggings. I am a standard black pants colored top gal. But I put these on the night I received them and was surprised at how slimming they felt. I then had two of my fit and fashionable girlfriends over and I’m not kidding, the first thing out of Kate’s mouth was “I love those pants!” I think that came out even before the “hi, hello how are you?” part. So if I wasn’t ready to get out of my plain black pants just yet, my friends can thank Heidi for helping me take the leap to the oh-so-fashionable printed legging.

Check out more of Heidi Klum for New Balance’s Collection

You don’t just have to take my word for it, you really should check out the full line and find your favorite pieces. If you’re ready to see where fierce meets fit, you can her full collection!  Or you can see more of my favorite pieces and some of  my fun fitness inspiration on my Pinterest board!


HKNB Pinterest

Check out my HKNB Featured Pinterest Board!

“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Heidi Klum for New Balance through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Heidi Klum for New Balance, all opinions are my own.” 

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