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High Protein Snacks – Fun, Tasty & Ready To Go!

I’m a big believer in snacking throughout the day to stave off hunger and keep the metabolism humming. I’m also a fan of recovering from intense workouts with a high protein snack, at least 10 grams within 20 minutes of finishing a workout. While you can do this by prepping your own snacks ahead of time, sometimes buying a packaged product can help.

The thing I’m NOT a fan of is a company that wraps up a product that is full of junk, puts it in a green package and markets it as a healthy high protein snack. Some of those can be just as bad as a snickers bar, or worse. So needless to say, I’m a little picky when it comes to products. But here you have my top 5 favorite high protein snacks to go, from companies that I like. Each one offers it’s own unique benefit, and they are all very, very tasty!

BioTrust Protein Cookies

Protein Cookie

Well it certainly looks like a delicious cookie — but how could it taste like one too?

  • Why I like them: Because they taste like a flipp’n cheat of a cookie, but they have 12g of protein, 6g fiber and only 150 calories each! They are also made with natural ingredients, contain no artificial sweeteners or colors, totally non-GMO and are gluten, soy, and trans-fat free.
  • Where to buy:* online at BioTrust.com
  • Bonus: Save up to 34% when you stock up with multiple boxes. Sadly, they are out of of stock right now. They should be back in by mid June, so mark your calendar and check back and stock up when you can.

Vega Protein Smoothies

Vega Protein Smoothie

Single serve & ready-to-go!

  • Why I like them: Because they are amazing! Not only do they come in single serve pouches that you just add water, shake and go, you get 15 grams of complete, plant-based protein for only 90 calories! The best part? It technically counts as two serving of veggies and they are made from non-GMO ingredients and are dairy, gluten and soy free, and contains no added sugar, artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners.
  • Where to buy:* on-line at myvega.com
  • Bonus: Free shipping on orders over $100.

Rise Bars – Sunflower Cinnamon

Rise Bar

Vegan protein bar that tastes really, really good!

  • Why I like them: Because they are really yummy! They are on the higher side of “snack” calories in my book, so they make a better on-the-go breakfast really. But it’s tough to find a vegan protein bar that is this yummy!  Each bar has 15g of protein in only five ingredients! They are all natural, kosher, gluten and soy free and made in peanut-free facility. They have other flavors that are in the all-natural category and made with whey protein isolate instead of pea protein so they have about 20g protein per bar.
  • Where to buy:* Find a store location or purchase online at Risebar.com or Amazon.com
  • Bonus: Tweet @Risebar and/or post a picture that is inspirational to you on instagram with #werisetogether and #eatdrinkandbeskinny between now and Monday the 9th and you just might get from free swag from them! I happen to have a connection there 😉

ProYo High Protein Frozen Yogurt

ProYo Protein treats

Frozen yogurt treats with 20g of protein, not joke! Delicious!

  • Why I like them: Because they are like a push-pop for grown ups! Seriously, I died over these. They really taste like an indulgence, but they have only 160 calories and 20g of protein. Made with probiotic yogurt, such a genius idea! They come in four flavors, but I think I actually liked the Banana the best. They are also GMO, gluten and soy-free and contain no artificial flavoring.
  • Where to buy: All kinds of healthy markets, check here to find one close to you!

Quest Protein Bars

Quest Bar

This little guy does almost taste like a real brownie. Such a good treat after a workout!

  • Why I like them: Because they taste like decadent deserts, they are super easy to tote around and come in a zillion flavors. The caloires vary, but many have ~160 caloires with 20g protein, making them perfect for your gym bag after a good workout.
  • Where to buy:* I get mine on Amazon.com
  • Bonus: humm…nothing from Quest, but free shipping on Amazon on orders over $35.

high protein snacks

Did I miss anything?

What is your favorite go-to brand for a yummy, ready-to-go, high protein snack? 

*This posts contains affiliate links. What does that mean? It means if you buy a product, the company pays me a little. Isn’t that nice? And trust me, that is NOT the only reason I recommend these products 🙂

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