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Hitting the Reset Button: Finding a New Perspective

Two weeks ago I set out on a little last minute adventure. It wasn’t completely out of character for me, but it was a bit of a stretch as well. As I sat in the airport in Manila, waiting to connect to find my friend in Cebu where we would catch a ferry to a little island in the far-away-from-home Philippines, I wrote this post about Challenging yourself in order to find Change. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, but I knew I had to take the leap and travel just about half way around the globe to find it.

And I’m so glad I did.

I’ve learned quite a bit in my years. I know that as hard as you try, as much good as you do, things don’t always go the way you planned. Disappointment is a normal part of life. I’ve been a big fan of the saying:

You don’t always get to pick the cards, but you always get to decide how to play the hand.

I could take this post in oh so many directions, but because I’m a health and fitness blogger, and the main purpose of this blog is to help people find better health and more happiness, I’ll stick to that theme today. You can thank me for sparing you the dirty details of my personal life later — lol.

I had my ah-ha moment about 12 days into the trip.

Things came clear to me as I floated on my favorite pink lilo (ha! I know my new UK friends will appreciate that!) and watched a sunset that literally, changed my perspective and metaphorically, blew my mind. It was quite frankly more amazing than a Broadway show. To the right, the sun was setting. To the left, some puffy, cotton clouds were settling in over the island. As the sun set, the right got oranger and the left got pinker as the sky got darker. At one point the entire scape was lit up like fireworks. Brilliant orange. Light blue sky against cotton candy pink clouds. And all the while these little boats danced along the horizon. I was mesmerized.

a new perspective - boracay philippines

Pictures never do a sunset justice.

Finding a new perspective in familiar territory.

The interesting thing here is…I grew up on the beach and have pretty much lived on it since then. I’ve traveled to the world’s most amazing beaches, and visited Maui so many times for business. I’ve seen some impressive sunsets. And not that I take any of them for granted, but an amazing sunset is just a kinda cool thing I’ve been blessed enough to see more than a few times in my life. So to be left, quite frankly, speechless over a sunset was surprising to say the least.

How could something so familiar look so new, so inspiring, so exciting?

Well for starters, I physically changed my perspective. I was literally on the other side of the planet for crying out loud, 15 hours out of my time zone. But I was also willing to see it. I had a feeling it was going to be a good sunset and to be honest, we had pretty lousy weather in Boracay. So instead of going on with our arranged plans for the night, I grabbed my little pink lilo buddy and headed for the beach! And I floated on that silly pink raft for at least 30 minutes and am inspired enough to talk about it today. Had I stuck with the routine (well, as much of a routine “vacation” allows) I would have completely missed it.

So my grand point here today is…

When you get stuck in a rut or disappointed with your progress:

Be willing to step out of your routine.

Be willing to look at things from a different perspective.

Be willing to look a the same thing with fresh eyes.

And when you do, be ready to see something you’ve never seen before.

Experience is great, but it can be blinding.

Life can throw lovely things in your direction and little blessings are everywhere. You just have to be willing to grab your pink lilo and go see it. You can’t always numb yourself in the comfort routine. You have to be out there – looking, seeing, finding and appreciating. And through all that, you may find the inspiration for the change you’re looking for.

I will not lie, I was a little burnt out before I left for my trip. I was a little cranky. A little negative. A little tired. A little lost.  And now I feel like a dog on a leash. As I sit in the airport in Tokyo waiting for my final connection back to San Diego, I cannot wait to get back to my office. My life is waiting and I’m ready to charge full speed ahead. There are so many good things waiting for me at home, so many ideas in my head, so much clarity — in short, I’m pumped!

I know we don’t all have the flexibility to leave the country on 3 days notice to find new inspiration. But I do think we all have the ability to change our perspective, so long as we are willing to be open to seeing it. And as my great friend Sheri would say, be venerable.

Might you look at something a little differently today?

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