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2017 Eat. Drink & be Skinny Holiday Gift Guide

**This post contains affiliate links. However, I only share the products I absolutely love!**

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is right around the corner. Have you figured out what to get your loved ones just yet?

2017 Eat. Drink & be Skinny Holiday Gift Guide

Not going to lie here – it’s not fun buying uninspired Christmas presents. Giving for the sake of giving is just plain blah.

So if you need a little inspiration, I have your back!This holiday gift guide has a present for everyone on your list.

Holiday gift guide – 7 gifts to give this holiday season!

Yeti Water Bottle

This water bottle is a life changer! While having cold water at all times isn’t necessary, it’s really nice. This is just something you don’t realize until you have cold water ALL. THE. TIME.

I can put water and ice cubes in my water bottle, and hours later the ice is still there…say what? Having a super powered water bottle is especially amazing during the hot summer months and intense workouts at the gym.

Teeki Yoga Pants

There’s no way to beat a good pair of yoga pants. Especially since many women wear yoga pants all day long. I must say that I really enjoy Teeki yoga pants. They’re pretty hilarious and super comfy! Plus they’re light weight and made out of recycled water bottles.


This blender bottle is awesome! And it makes for the perfect gift for that fitness fanatic in your life. If you’ve ever carried around protein powder in the bottom of a bottle, and then go to add water later. You’ll understand why it’s such a pain!

The BlenderBottle comes with interlocking jars that you can put protein powder, pre-workout, vitamin, or snacks in. It’s super convenient to carry around and my protein powder no longer gets stuck at the bottom of my bottle! It’s a win-win.

Wine Glass Markers

I like to enjoy a glass of wine here and there…however, I don’t like playing the which glass is mine game lol. Wine glass charms are fun. BUT drawing on my wine glass is even more fun! Just think of the amazing designs you’ll come up with after a glass or two. Makes for the perfect stocking stuffer too!

Gaiam Yoga Mat Carrier

Ever tried carrying a yoga mat, purse, water bottle, and who knows what else into a yoga class before? I feel like a clown trying to juggle. If the yogi in your life doesn’t have a yoga mat carrier, then it’s time that they do! I swear they will love you for it too!

Foam Roller

If you missed my post about the importance of foam rolling – you might want to check it out! Foam rolling on the regular can mean the difference between feeling great after workouts and recovering quickly, or feeling run down.

Don’t let your loved ones feel run down! If you have an active person in your life this might just be the perfect present for them.

3-Day Detox

3 day detox

January is right around the corner! And so are those New Year’s Resolutions. I’m guessing that either your or someone close to you has a weight loss goal of some sort on their list of resolutions.

If so, my 3-Day Detox is the way to go! It’s amazing for a few reasons:

  • The average person loses 3-5 pounds.
  • It helps reduce bloating after all of the holiday parties.
  • My detox features veggie soups, fresh juice, and protein shakes – so you’re not hungry!
  • It’s only $19!

If my 3-Day Detox sounds right up your alley, you can order yours here!

What’s your favorite item on the holiday gift guide? Let us know in the comments below!