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FAQ: How often should I eat?

Welcome back Dr. Carole Griggs, a holistic and wellness coach and key player in the Conscious Human Development space. Last month she shared with us a few tips on the why and when of detoxing and cleansing, now we’re taking that one step back and just talking about the why and when of simple eating as she tackles the most common question of all “How often should I eat?”

Food is simply fuel for our bodies, but the decision to eat is not always related to the physical need for nutrition. Dr Griggs has some great questions here for you to consider next time you find yourself wondering exactly when you should eat.

To Eat or Not to Eat

It is common to hear, “How often should I eat?”.

Just like many things in life, there is really no one answer that fits every person and every situation. That being said however, here are a few things to consider when deciding if you should eat.

Are you physically hungry?

It’s not (usually) necessary to eat when the body is not physically calling for food.

Are you eating right for your body?

Some people need more carbohydrates than others. Some need more protein. And some need an even balance of both. Eat right for your body at each meal.

To Eat or Not to Eat

Are you showing signs of toxicity?

Toxins in the body are quite common with today’s environment and food choices. If the body is overly toxic, adding more food (and possibly more toxins) can cause more harm than good. Bacteria in the gut can have a huge influence with hunger.

Are you taking medical drugs?

Medical drugs can create mixed messages of true hunger.

Are you constipated?

When the body is backed up, adding more food to the system can easily make issues worse.

Are you stressed?

Digestion comes to a halt when stress is high.

Are your sleep cycles disrupted?

When traveling, eating when the body does not normally eat can cause disruptions to the system.

To Eat or Not to Eat

When in a healthy state, eating foods that are right for your body (when physically hungry) is usually a reliable guide. Take the above into consideration, and let your body be the guide for when to eat and when to just move along with your day.

carol griggs
Dr. Carol Griggs, Ph.D.
Dr. Carole Griggs, Ph.D. is an international speaker, teacher, coach, university professor, writer, and pioneer and leader in the areas of integrative Wellness and Nutrition, and Conscious Awareness (non-duality). She is also the co-founder & CEO of Live Infinity, co-owner/developer of Wall 2 Wall Fitness and Wellness app, co-founder of Pacific Wellness, and founder & CEO of the nonprofit Conscious World Alliance.

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