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How to detox in NYC

I love featuring guest posts on my blog!

This one is from one of my BFFs in the entire world, Jen. She is a big time finance VP in the Big Apple. In the pic above from our Bring your Bling New Year’s Even party, she is the lovely brunette in the blue sparkles. We have been friends since we were 12. I have always been impressed with her career and how smart she is and how hard she works. Somehow, she found time to read my blog and messaged me with some questions, because she was wanting to try out my “Detox my Vegas Retox – 12 day Cleanse.” I was so thrilled that she wanted to try it! I kindly asked her to make some mental notes and craft a short guest blog on her experience.

And because she is such a rockstar — she DID!

If Jen can find the time to prioritize her menu and cleanse her lifestyle, anybody can! This one works no less than 60 hours a week and she figured out a way. Below are her tips and tricks…and btw, she just set her 10K last weekend!

Congratulations Jenn!!

Jends detox1

I’ve done my share of cleanses…the 21 day detox, the 3 day juice cleanse, the 30 day no alcohol (I know, this really isn’t a cleanse, but still a change to the diet).  Recently I have found myself stopping by the corner store to pick up ben and jerry’s; running late every morning and grabbing an egg and cheese sandwich on the way to work; visiting the vending machine for chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon.  I needed something to get me out of these bad habits…it was time for a detox.

I work about 65 hours a week and regularly eat 3 meals a day at my desk.  I do not have the ability to make juices in the middle of the day or eat every 2 hours.  If a cleanse isn’t simple, it isn’t going to work for me.  And this detox seemed pretty simple to me!  It was more about removing foods than eating a bunch of stuff I’m not accustomed to.    And, being in NYC, I was able to get everything that I needed precooked and/or delivered!

Here are five detox tips for a busy gal in a big city:

  • There are several place that you can buy premade green juice that is still raw, unpasteurized and close to the real thing.  I typically go with BluePrint, but Organic Avenue is also amazing.  Even better, if there is a juice bar near your office (they seem to be popping up everywhere these days!) and you can run out for a quick break, go that route.
  • My new favorite brand: The Squeeze.  This company makes all raw, vegan food.  I was able to get premade kale, carrot or beet salads and added quinoa.
  • Find a local heath food store.  In NYC, the Westerly saved my life!  Tons of vegan quinoa and lentil dishes.  I would steam a bunch of green and yellow zucchini, throw in some spinach and have a great meal.
  • The vega protein mixes seems to get a bad rap.  I really liked them!  I went with chocolate or vanilla chai flavors.  Added a banana, water and ice and mixed in a blender.   It was almost like dessert!
  • Check out the side dishes when at a restaurant.  Ordering dinner at the office can be tricky, but was able to make a meal of spinach, carrots and brown rice by picking off the side dish menu.

I only did the official cleanse for 5 days, but have found that even doing it for a few days has changed my habits completely!  I’m still eating my half-homemade dishes with the help of The Westerly and haven’t indulged in any of my 3 go-to vices mentioned above.   It also reminded me how easy it is to still eat healthy when crazy busy.

Thanks Teresa for posing this detox!  It was great!!


(From Jen’s FB page, her “Detox in the Office” pic)

Jens detox

(Yes, I went FB stalker on Jen and found this one too, she really did it all up for the detox! Way to go!)

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