How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For You

How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For You

How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For You

Picture this: Yay! It’s finally time to head out for the annual family vacation, and you are excited to get on the road. While you plan on having fun and not stressing out too much about eating and exercise, you also plan on fitting in some short hotel room workouts while away.

It’s time to start packing, but the overwhelming amount of travel friendly fitness equipment available makes you take a step back to wonder what in the world you’re going to pack. Obviously there’s no way to pack it all!

And luckily, there’s no reason to pack it all.

Travel fitness has become so much easier these days. There are a large variety of tools to choose from to help keep you fit on the road. But how do we choose?

It’s actually pretty simple! First we need to think about what kind of workouts we would like to do, and then go from there.

How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For Cardio

How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For You

If you are a cardio person, then your choice is pretty simple – pack some running shoes and hit the trails or treadmill!

Running shoes are a no brainer when it comes to packing. They are easy to throw in your luggage and are quite nice to wear while sightseeing.

Nike is always my go to choice for running shoes. They are comfortable and come in a variety of fun colors!

How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For Yoga & Pilates

How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For You
Yoga and Pilates are two of my favorite choices when it comes to hotel room workouts simply because you don’t need much space or equipment for your workout.

If you are staying somewhere without carpeted floors it may be a good idea to bring along your yoga mat. Just throw on a yoga sling and you’re good to go.

A few other yoga/Pilates tools are yoga blocks and yoga straps. Both are easy to pack and lightweight.

How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For Strength Training

How to Pack The Best Fitness Gear For You

And last but definitely not least, we have strength training. Strength training on the go is extremely convenient. Similar to yoga and Pilates, you need very little space or time to fit in an effective workout.

If you are looking for intensity in your workouts, a few of my favorite fitness tools for strength training on the go include resistance bands and sliders.

Resistance bands are my go to travel fitness tool since they double for dumbbells without having to lug around, well, dumbbells. You can pretty much do any exercise you would normally perform with a dumbbell with resistance bands. Plus if you set up a door anchor, you’ve now turned your hotel room door into a cable machine.

And let’s not forget about sliders. These little things are so lightweight and easy to pack that you won’t even notice they’re in your bag which make them the perfect choice when you’re only taking a carry-on!

Sliders are great for providing an all over body workout. From lower body exercises to abs, these little disks have got you covered.

For more travel fitness tips and resistance band exercises, make sure to stop by and checkout my website!

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