How to train like Tom Brady
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How to Train Like Tom Brady

Whether you love the Patriots or not, Tom Brady will once again be in the spotlight this weekend during the Super Bowl. Not only has Tom Brady been Super Bowl MVP three times, but he’s looking to take home ring number five!

How to train like Tom Brady

I think we can all agree that Tom Brady is someone to take notes from when it comes to fitness and health in general. So why not take a few training tips and learn how to train like Tom?

Well you’re in luck, because pro bodybuilder and Head of Product at NutraKey, Lex Kovacs, has put together a full workout plan and nutrition guide for training like Tom Brady!

Check out the full guide below…

Train Like Tom Brady

Learning to train like Tom Brady is easier than you think! Simply follow the workout plan below. It’s fast, simple and effective. Plan to do each workout every other day so that your body can rest between workout days.

tom brady workout

Proper nutrition is also a huge component when it comes to health, fitness and seeing amazing results. To get the results you want, Lex Kovacs suggests using the following products by NutraKey. The products will help with your pre and post workout nutrition.

tom brady workout



You may not be Tom, but you can definitely train like him…or at least counteract those oh so tasty Super Bowl treats we all like to indulge in during the big game. And on a side note, while you’re at it, why not switch out that calorie busting Dominos pizza for this veggie packed pizza during the game?!

Incorporating physical activity into your weekly routine, like the workout above, will help increase your metabolism, burn more calories, build muscle and decrease fat. You’ll feel better, look fitter, and have more energy! Who doesn’t want that??

To learn more about NutraKey and order products check out their website!

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