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Iconic San Diego Summer Events

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I just love my city so much. I moved to San Diego in 1999 right after I graduated from college and I’ve been hooked ever since. As a runner, yogi and general outdoor enthusiast this is my town a hundred times over again. This was one of those weekends. While we were pretty much under the notorious June Gloom, it does not stop us from heading outdoors and enjoying everything our city has to offer.

Yogi Namaste

I attended two events this weekend that quintessential, iconic events! I did yoga in Petco Park and on the cliffs, hit up Oyster Fest and I had a few good runs. It was a great way to unwind and gear up for a new week. So here you have a little weekend recap…

Yoga at Petco Park for Yogi’s For Hope

One of my most favorite yoga instructors in the world was selected to be one of the four instructors to lead the 5th Annual Yoga For Home event to raise awareness and funds for City of Hope. What an amazing charity that supports research developments for cancer, diabetes and HIV and also supports family’s in needs with a “whole” approach. They opened up the field at our very own Padre’s Petco Park to 70o+ Yogis for a morning of information and inspiration. I was pleased to be a part of it!

summer event

Petco Park opens it’s doors to 700+ yogis to raise funds and awareness for City of Hope.

Yogi - T and T

We went as a part of my gym (FIT) but Tansy was my yogi-in-crime for the morning.

Yogi bells

Every yogi was given a bell to use as a part of the bell ceremony and was turned in at the end in exchange for a gift bag.

Yogi Breakfast

After yoga I had breakfast at my most favorite restaurant in San Diego, Zanzibar. This is a breakfast of champions!

San Diego Oyster Fest

Later on in the afternoon happened to be another HUGE event in San Diego, Oyster Fest! Which, contrary to it’s name, isn’t just about oysters. In fact, I don’t really even like oysters, but I do like being outdoors, with my friends, listening to great music and sharing a few laughs over a few summer-time beers! If you happen to like or love oysters, then they are pretty much an awesome bonus for you and you should add it to your list for next summer.

The even runs from 12-7:30, so you can make it a day or early evening event…but it’s tough to do both. If you’re into the oysters and a more mellow event, go in the early part of the day and don’t worry about VIP. Just bring a blanket so you can sit on the grass and chill. If you’re going for the music and the party, go later and do spend the extra money for the VIP because the lines for beer and bathrooms gets out of control! And don’t worry so much about the blanket, it’s standing room only (and fun!)

Oysters Oysters

Did you know that a Pacific oyster has just 40 calories and 5g of protein? They are also a good source of iron, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, zinc, and vitamin C.

Oysters T eating

Nope! Couldn’t do it, this one is for the picture op only!

Oyster Stage

The main act Thievery Corporation. Awesome show, packed park, burned of a few beer calories with some good moving and grooving down by the front of the stage.


Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 8.38.28 PM

This is definitely a who’s who event of San Diego. I ran into no less than 20 smiling happy friends!

And Some Good Running!

I’m absolutely loving the Gals Who Run 4-Week Running Challenge! I worked day 13 (6 minute run and 4 minute sprint two times) into a 5 mile run down to the park on Saturday and held an 8min pace. Not to my credit though, it’s almost all downhill.  I wrapped up the weekend on Sunday with another amazing yoga class on the bluffs in Ocean Beach and then got in day 14 (6 minute run and 4 minute sprint three times) on the tail end of my first strong, double digit run since March! The 10 miles averaged an 8:40 pretty easily, but with the pick ups at the end, I finished the last three around 8:10-8:15, which always feels awesome to end a long run faster!

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 9.06.38 PM

This is a well earned smile 🙂

So there’s a little snap shot into what a summer weekend in San Diego can look like. And although it might sound like I’m working for the tourism office, it’s actually all from my heart. I love this town, the people in it and the opportunity is has brought into my life.

What’s on your Summer Event calendar? 

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