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Interview: Martinis and Minivans – ha!

So I’m still pretty new to this blogersphere and I participate in as many learning opportunities as my schedule will allow. I was invited to a free webinar on how to “avoid mistakes blogers make” and I’m so glad I did! People blog about everything, and I’m human so I’m not terribly interested in everything. But what luck that Danielle Herzog from Martinis and Minivans was our host. Not only is she a blogging whiz — she’s an absolute RIOT!

We have the fun loving appreciation for booze in common, so I felt it was my duty to reach out to her, thank her for the killer info she shared and the suggest we do a little swapping of content. It was her idea to do this as an interview style, which I think is so fun! I’ve been wanting to do more interviews, so this was a total win-win.

Here you have Danielle’s answers to these oh-so-critical lifestyle questions. Over at her blog, you will find my answers to the same questions.

So why should you care about what Danielle has to say?

Well, let me start by letting you know that she has created her blog for anybody “who has ever needed a martini after driving around a minivan all day. Or for anyone who has just needed a martini” I imagine that’s a pretty good portion of the population. And she’s a wildly accomplished writer at that, you can read her full bio at the bottom of this post. And after you fall in love with her writing and her mission and you’re just dying to know how you can get more of her — be sure to like her FaceBook page. We’ll all benefit if you do — and this is precisely why!
Let's get Martinis and Minivans 5K likes on FaceBook so we can see Danielle re-do this classic look!

Let’s get Martinis and Minivans 5K likes on FaceBook so we can see Danielle re-do this classic look!

So on with the interview…

I hope you enjoy getting to know Danielle and her blog as much as I did!

Martinis and Minivans

1. What inspired you to start the blog?
Absolute stupidity.  I have been a freelance writer for years and so I wrote whatever someone told me to write. Finally, after the birth of my first child, I decided to write what I wanted to write about – which was the insanity and true hilariousness of parenting. I felt like there were all these helpful, how-to sites, but no one was putting out the real stories of walking around with a Goldfish cracker on your ass all day. I felt like it was my job to make a parent feel like they were at least doing it better than one person.
2. What is your favorite martini recipe? 
– 1 part gin
– 1 part anything else
– Mix and drink without a single child awake
That’s my favorite way to drink a martini.
3. What is the key to your happiness? What triggers unhappiness for you?
My family is the key to both. They make me happier than I ever have been in my life but can also trigger me to act in a way I can’t believe sometimes. Sometimes when I hear myself yelling or getting frustrated, I wonder, who the hell is this person? But then a few minutes later we are all cuddled reading a book and I realize that parenting truly is the yin and yang of life. There is no one that can make me happier than my husband and kiddos. Yet, they are the same people that make me long for a cocktail sometimes at night.
4. What’s an embarrassing habit you have that would surprise people?
I seriously love to listen to gangsta dirty rap when I’m in the car by myself. Technically I’m against all the crap they talk about, but damn, there’s nothing better than pretending you are a Fly Girl while listening to “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent.
5. If you could walk down the street and have a song playing for your theme song, what would it be?
Ok, so that wouldn’t be “CandyShop” because that would have to be a really dirty street in a bad neighborhood. And heck, I’m not stopping to listen to music if I’m there. So I would say that I’d do a mash up between “Dock of the Bay” and House of Pain’s “Jump Around” – that basically sums up my life.

Here’s the more formal 411 on what you need to know about Danielle:

Danielle Herzog is the writer and blogger behind Martinis and Minivans , a blog for anyone who has ever needed a martini after driving a minivan around all day. Or for anyone who has just ever needed a martini. A New Yorker now living the Midwest life as a somewhat sarcastic writer, mother and wife, Danielle has been a freelance writer for over seven years.  Her work has been featured in The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, AOL.com, What to Expect.com, Nickelodeon’s Nick Mom and various other national and local publications and sites. She writes a weekly parenting advice column called “The Sassy Housewife” for Momaha which is featured in the Omaha World Herald’s Living section every week. She co-authored the anthology book “Mother of All Meltdowns” and is also writing her a work of fiction about a 30 year old granddaughter who agrees to follow one piece of advice from the letters her hilarious 80 year-old Italian grandmother writes to her. You can follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.

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