National Running Day
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June 3rd is National Running Day – Let’s Celebrate!

Today is a day to not only run, but to celebrate it! 

Did you know that the first Wednesday in June is always National Running Day? Since 2009, the country’s foremost running organizations have worked together to encourage runners to celebrate by planning a run, spreading the running bug to a friend, signing up for a race, or setting a new goal. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “runner,” if you lace up, and move yourself forward using your feet for any reason, you’re a runner and this is our day to celebrate! At the end of the day and at the core of the spirit of running, distance and pace are irrelevant.
national running day

Learn more about National Running day at www.runningday.org.

Why do you run?

We all run for different reasons and some of us who have run for years consider our relationships with running similar to that of a best friend. You may have read my story about my “running addiction,” and I’m not the only one who’s had this type of relationship with the sport. There are highs and lows. Days when you can’t wait to run and days where you hide. Sometimes you have to take a break due to an injury or a crazy life, but at the end of the day, you know you’ll always find your way back to the sport. We just do, that’s what makes us runners. 

Will I celebrate National Running Day?

Of course! I’m going to run, because that’s what I do! And I’m going to encourage you to run too. Maybe a little harder, stronger, faster or happier. Maybe it’s time to set a running related goal? A 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathon? Regardless of your goals, today is a good day to get out and go!
Gals Who Run

Sheri and I the day we realized our first run challenge was going to SELL OUT! Happy day for us!

Share your running goals with me!

So grab a friend and go run! Or hit the pavement (or trail) solo and see how good you feel after. And don’t forget to visit the Gals Who Run FaceBook page and/or the 30-Day Challenge Series to share your pictures of how you celebrated National Running Day 2015. I can’t wait to see how you celebrate!

Let us help you run your first or fastest half or full marathon this year!

Did you decide to set a running goal? You know I have another passion project over at Gals Who Run, where I partnered with one of San Diego’s best run coaches, Sheri, right? Our goal was to create a community to encourage more women to run stronger and longer. We pulled together all our resources to create training guides that are way more than just running plans. In addition to running and encouraging you to run tomorrow, In addition to both beginner and advanced training plans, you’ll have info and insight on fueling, hydration, race prep, mental stamina, how to pick a running buddy and so on. We’ll help you get to your finish line (and more importantly your start line) with confidence and a smile!
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national running day

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