June Goals
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June Goals! Get Ready for Summer Fun!

I’m sooo back in the game! Sometimes things don’t go as you plan and life derails you just a bit. That’s what makes it interesting I suppose. I’m super stoked that I have so many fun initiatives going on in June and I, personally, am planing on doing every-single-one (plus a few more)! One of the things I love about the health and wellness wheel is that it’s never too late for a fresh start and better health and more happiness is always waiting for you when you’re ready to put your commitment towards it.

Just about every one of these “Goals” has a post of it’s own, and I found even myself a bit confused and overwhelmed with so much to pick from. So here is a fun summary of all the actions I’m committed to taking this month to roll into July feeling like a shinier version of myself! Care to join me?

June Walking Lunge Challenge

I hate to admit this so publicly, but I don’t always do my challenges 100%. Terrible, right? I write them, promote them and create daily check in posts for the 1000+ people who are committed. It’s so silly because I really like most of the challenge I make, I just often find it hard to work them into my overall workout plan. Not the case this June! I’m making my 30-Day Challenge a solid part of my overall plan.

I will take on the 1K Walking Lunge Challenge and plan to do 70 on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday week 1. I’ll increase to 80, then 90, then 100 the final week. I plan to follow the same schedule with push-ups on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. And by push-ups I mean the really hard ones where you drop your chest all the way to the ground. They are killers!

June 4-Week Run Challenge from Gals Who Run

I am super excited about this! Sheri and I decided to launch a challenge with out Gals Who Run Community and we decided to take it a step farther and provide more coaching, comprehensive materials and a fun training plan to help gals run their first or fastest mile yet. Because I’m not even considering a marathon until September, this is the perfect time to follow a completely different style of plan and see how it works.

Plus, I’m really loving the idea of only 30-40 minute runs (a little longer on the weekends) for the next month! This challenge actually sold out, but we will do more of them! Make sure you’re signed up for your Newsletter or follow the FaceBook page to be informed of the next go around! I logged in my benchmark mile at 7:25 yesterday on the treadmill after an 8 easy with Kate (pictured above).

Last Summer DietBet

I have not played one of my weight loss games in a long time, but this will be the last one I host here for at least a few months. It started the day after Memorial Day weekend so I was feeling sufficiently puffed up. These little bets give me just a little more incentive to nudge me in the right direction when I’m considering the extra indulgence or nap. haha! The game started less than a week ago and will run through June 23rd. It’s a small group, but it’s an AWESOME group with just as much participation and motivation as some of my games that had hundreds of players. You should join us if that sounds like fun.

New Workouts and Local San Diego Groups

I love living in San Diego for many reasons, and outdoor workout groups are definitely one of them! I don’t know why it has taken me so long to participate in these! Between the November Project, Frun Club and the Track Club, there is an awesome group to workout or run with almost every day of the week (and they are free). Really, it’s crazy. I also plan to be more regimented about my yoga and will try adding Barre one time per week. I’d also like to do more recreational weekend fitness stuff like long hikes and bike rides. Specifically, with travel in mind, goals look like this:

  • 4 x November Project
  • 3 x run club runs
  • 4 x barre classes
  • 8 x yoga classes
  • 1 long hike
  • 1 long bike ride

Food Tracking

I have recently become (like in the past few months) far less fat phobic than ever before and I use butter, avocado, coconut oil and nuts…not sparingly. I “feel” like this has curbed my sugar cravings, so I “think” I still eat the same. But only a good 30 days of food tracking will tell. Plus, it helps hold me accountable to any and all extra treats (especially cocktails) if I know I have to log them.

I’m using the FatSecrets Ap. I like this one better than most because it’s free, intuitive, easy to use and gives you macronutrient diet composition by %, not just total caloires. I’ll also be trying out a new protein supplement from Bowflex Body, which I’m very excited about!

Sam & Sophie Slim Down

This was supposed to start today too. But Sam and Sophie are getting a 2 week delay in their weight loss program kick off. I’ll be gone next week and it seems like a bit much to ask a house sitter to “exercise” my cats and feed them these little homemade Skinny Kitty Patties two times per day. Ha ha. Sophie does have her first vet appointment tomorrow, which quite frankly, I’m nervous about. She’s strong and rarely leaves the house. We shall see, but at the end of the day we’ll have a better idea of how to help her lose weight safely. They’ve been chubby for like the last 6+ years, they can handle it for a few more weeks.

Are you joining me for any of these? Are you doing anything else? Let me know! 

Summer is just around the corner and it’s going to be a good one! 

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