Reality Check Wednesday
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Let’s Play Reality Check Wednesday: A Little Slice of Sanity

This is such an interesting thought…I’ve been a mad fan of Instagram for a few years now. Snapping pictures of all my best meals, smoothies, green juices, craft cocktails and running and other impressive adventures. And as I drove up from San Diego to Santa Cruz the other day, I drove through the McDonalads Drive-thru for some good ole fashion road-trip-cuisine and I literally thought to myself “Well I won’t be putting a picture of this on Instagram….” and then I thought that was kinda funny. Why not?

Yes, I eat well and exercise hard…most of the time. But I’m also a health and happiness advocate and sometimes that involves loosening the organic reins once in a while and just doing what’s easy and feels good. It’s reality and it’s those moments that allow me to be better “most of the time.” In honor of this entertaining realization, I’d like to invite you all to join me in a little game we’ll call “Reality Check Wednesday.”

2 Perks to Playing Reality Check Wednesday

First: You get to be real! #realtitycheckwednesday is about showing a little slice of your real life. Maybe it really is green juice and quinoa, awesome show it off! Maybe it’s a little something less “perfect” and I think that might even be more awesome. Instead of a running action shot, maybe I’ll actually post a picture bruised toenails and tired feet? Reality can be beautiful in its own imperfect way.

Second: You might realize something. Often we go on auto-pilot when were operating in our standard Wednesday routine. Maybe you’re not even aware of what you are eating, thinking, and where you’re going? We spend a lot of time in Social Media sharing our abnormalities, our awesome vacations, elaborate meals, massive hikes and brilliant achievements. What about the quite moments when you are just you…and with your family moving through life on a Wednesday…what does that look like? Maybe nobody knows because we’re A) on auto-pilot and/or B) don’t share these images socially? I mean if it’s not on FaceBook…did it really even happen (lol, jk jk…kinda).

How Do You Play Reality Check Wednesday?

  1. Pay attention to what you’re doing.
  2. Snap a pictures of it, the good, the bad, and the beautifully imperfect.
  3. Post them on Instagram with #RealityCheckWednesday + #daretobereal and tag me @eatdrinkandbeskinny.
  4. Share as many pictures as you want all day long, every Wednesday…forever.

reality check Wednesday

There is no time limit…this is an every Wednesday game. Just one day in the middle of the week to work as a little reminder for us to pay attention to what we’re doing, the choices we’re making, the food we’re eating and the way we move.

Simply Being Aware Can Make All The Difference

Even if you don’t play, just think about it today. What does Wednesday look like? Are you proud of it? Would you share it? Why not? If you were about to splurge on more pizza at the office lunch party and you knew you had to tell the world, would you still do it? It can be a good gut check…reality check…and that’s why we call it Reality Check Wednesday 🙂

What slice of your reality might you choose to share today? 

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  • gracemyles

    Wow, I love this! I am a new blogger (just over a week now) and I would love to feature Reality Check Wednesday on my blog – if that’s okay! I love the idea of not only portraying the beautiful, but the REAL. As a blogger I think it is so important to show others not just the good but the ugly as well, because we are all human!
    Thanks for such a fun and eye opening experience:) I can’t wait to check out the hashtag and see what everyone posts!

  • Dawn

    You know I love your blog! Love that my imperfection as a closet once a day Coke drinker is not the end of the world! I work out and eat healthy so that I can have my Coke fix!! LoL everyone have a Marvelous Reality Check Wednesday!!!

    • Eat Drink&Be Skinny (@SkinnyTinis)

      Hi Dawn! You made my day! I’m so glad to hear that and you’re right…more good decisions and they balance the less than perfect 🙂 We are human and if we tried to do it all, we’d break and/or be very boring to be around. lol. I hope to see your diet coke on the gram with a #realitycheckwednesday! ha ha You have a marvelous RCW yourself! Cheers!

  • natrunsfar

    I love this! Every picture is so perfect – but we know life is not perfect! This is such a great idea. Have a happy REAL Wednesday! 🙂

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